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Did you know that product managers contribute more than 150 billion pounds to the UK's economy each year? There's a lot of value and experience to be shared between this army of professionals.

But finding the right product manager community can be challenging. You'll have to search carefully if you're going to find the perfect community for you.

Read on. We've put together a list of communities that Consortia users love to use to improve their practice. 


Better Product Manager Community

Better Product Community is a group of like-minded product managers dedicated to creating new and improved products.

Here, you can connect with professionals from major corporations like Adobe, Pinterest, Duolingo, and Strava. They share the latest developments in product management tools, task management software, and more. 

This community features articles, podcasts, conversations, and more, so you can learn from the best. 


The Product Coalition

This medium-based community is one of the largest free communities for product managers. 

The Product Coalition produces all kinds of different articles, and there are thousands in their back catalogue for you to work through. Dig deep, and you're sure to find something helpful to you. There are carefully-curated insights from a wide variety of professionals, so even the most experienced product managers will learn something. 

A busy Slack channel also allows you to chat with other product management professionals, sharing perspectives, advice, and ideas. 


Creative Product Managers

If you're looking for a great community based on LinkedIn, this is the place to be. Creative Product Managers is home to over 70,000 creative product managers, so it's a hotbed of high-level ideas and valuable discussions. 

There are professionals from big-name companies, and admins carefully monitor the group to ensure that conversations stay on topic. That means you won't have to wade through lots of off-topic discussions to find those valuable nuggets of knowledge. 

As one of the biggest product management communities on LinkedIn, this is also a great place to enjoy a little networking and learn about job opportunities


Product Manager HQ

Product Manager HQ, a Slack-based community, is a popular hangout for some real big-hitters in the industry. Professionals from the likes of Slack, Twitter, and Facebook share ideas in the dozens of daily conversations posted each day.  

There is a fee of $25 per month to be a member of this community platform. The small fee is a great investment, and it helps keep the community providing valuable content, as well as ensuring only those dedicated to professional development are included. 


Mind the Product

This might be a pretty obvious one, but we couldn't not include it. Mind the Product are active (both online and via the podcast), plus they have a lot of valuable content and information going out regularly. You can always subscribe to the free version, but if you are seriously invested in finding a thriving community, it might be worth paying for the upgraded subscription to get matched with relevant peers and avoid time-consuming spam. 


Another Useful Project Manager Community

If you take your time and look around, you'll be able to find the perfect product manager community that suits your needs. Remember, you'll get the best out of a community if you share your own knowledge and experience too. 


If you're already familiar with the above communities and looking for more ways to improve your practice and develop professionally, then following Consortia and our product team members on LinkedIn will be the next step.

Our insights page also has a deep library of information curated for you from the valuable insights our team discovers daily through talking to product experts. Consortia can add value not only to your job search but by also providing you with current trends and market knowledge! 

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