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It's that time of year again! Last year we provided you with gift ideas for UX design wizards, so it's only fitting that this year, we venture into the realm of numbers and logic with gifts for the data analysts in your life. Data analysts are often the unsung heroes, making sense of the digital world one dataset at a time, and they surely deserve a token of appreciation during Secret Santa. We've handpicked five data-related gifts under £15 to ensure they fit snugly within the typical Secret Santa budgets across offices. So, get ready to surprise your team's number-cruncher with something thoughtful!


Happy Puzzle Grecian Computer

£14.99 from Bright Minds

This Grecian ancient computer-inspired wooden puzzle is a great gift for your data analysts. Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic mechanism hailed as the world's first analogue computer, this puzzle pays homage to the brilliance of early Greek astronomers. It's not just a decorative piece but a cerebral challenge. Perfectly priced for most secret santa gifts, it's a blend of historical intrigue, mathematical challenge, and artistic craftsmanship, making it a fantastic gift for anyone with an analytical mind.


Data Visulisation Poster

£7.23 from Etsy

This data visualisation poster, made using R/RStudio and GGPLOT2, is an ideal gift for a data analyst colleague. It beautifully marries tech with design, showcasing a range of essential visualisations sourced from the renowned Gapminder dataset. With flexible download options, in both textured and non-textured backgrounds with varied dimensions, it has adaptability for digital viewing or printing. It's a thoughtful fusion of education, aesthetics, and professional relevance, making it a standout gift for anyone in the data sphere.


Stress Ball Paul

£6.77 from Amazon

For the data analysts in the office feeling the weight of numbers and codes, this Stress Ball Paul will rescue them! This unique stress ball, shaped like a frustrated man, offers a whimsical and tactile way to vent those pressing emotions! Serving as an excellent office accessory and conversation starter, he's perfect for both male and female data analysts and even doubles as a fun kids' toy. Stress Ball Paul is perfect for those challenging data-driven days!  

Data Analyst Mouse Mat

£9.99 from Modern Toss

Introducing the Data Analyst Mouse Mat from Modern Toss. A wink and a nod to the challenges of the data profession. Its non-slip foam base ensures stability during those intense data crunching sessions, preventing any unwanted movement while giving a laugh into the sometimes baffling world of data analysis.

Hydrate Data Bottle

£9.49 from Amazon

For the data analyst who's as meticulous about hydration as they are about their spreadsheets, the gift of a Hydrate water bottle will be perfect! With time markings up the side, it's like the Excel of water bottles, helping them track those H2O goals as diligently as data anomalies. And, speaking of no leaks, its design ensures not a drop is spilt—just like how our favourite analysts keep those data insights watertight. It's a playful nod to their love for measurements, proving that sometimes, hydration can be both a science and an art! Cheers to crunching numbers and quenching thirst!


And there you have it—five quirky gifts for the data analysts of your office! Whether they're diving deep into datasets or just taking a much-needed coffee (or water) break, these gifts are bound to add a dash of fun and functionality to their analytical adventures. Remember, it's not just about the numbers; it's the thought (and a bit of playful humour) that counts. So, this festive season, let's toast to the data heros, the graph-gurus, and the spreadsheet savants. Here's to ensuring their Secret Santa gifts are as on-point as their data visualisations! Happy gifting! 📊🎁🎉

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