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At Consortia, we are well-versed in product management recruitment and have over a decade of experience. We understand what makes an exceptional product manager and have an impressive track record of successfully attributing senior product managers to global organisations. Uniquely positioned to understand the key criteria for outstanding product management hires, we've used our knowledge and gone through our archives for senior product manager job descriptions to provide you with some examples to help with your next product manager hire. 

The following job description template covers all the basics giving you a generic copy to tweak and personalise without doing the groundwork.

Before we dive straight in do bear in mind additional points of note:

  1. When writing the job description, consider whether you want to write in the first or third person. We'd recommend the first person to make your potential product candidate feel engaged. You will see we have mixed our examples up below to emphasise how the descriptors differ. 
  2. Section your job description to make it easier to read. We have given you some ideas for dividing this product manager job description into general responsibilities, experience, etc. 
  3. Look for and remove potential gender or racial biases, such as 'hard-working' or 'aggressive' phrases.
  4. You'll need to ensure your job description is suitable for your company and the type of product manager you are looking for, including tailoring the language to convey its unique culture and values.  
  5. Beyond summarising the job's duties, show what makes your company exciting! A bold voice and personality can draw people into your vacancy; they should come away knowing exactly why they should work with you. Take advantage of showcasing all you offer!

Now that we've covered the basics, you are free to pick and choose the sentences most relevant to the product manager role you are recruiting for from the following job description pointers: 

Product Manager General Responsibilities

  • You'll be reporting to (enter team /person name)
  • Create a compelling product roadmap and get the team fired up to deliver on the product goals. 
  • Develop a deep understanding of customers, their pain points and jobs to be done so you can deliver product experiences that delight and solve underserved needs 
  • Understand the (enter relevant landscapes) landscapes and identify growth opportunities. 
  • Identify and guide our product strategy as we expand into new markets.
  • Scope out new features to deliver value quickly and incrementally 
  • Be an advocate for a product-led mindset and help grow our knowledge-sharing culture and support across the whole team. 

Working well with a Team 

  • Own the ideas backlog, working with the team to ideate around the underlying opportunities and prioritise what gets worked on next.
  • Work with the design and data team to identify the most appropriate ways to test new ideas and features and measure success. 
  • Work with an agile engineering and data team, understanding the technical and data concepts they deal with 
  • Work closely with sales, marketing and customer support to educate them on how the product is evolving and distil feedback from end users and corporate clients. 
  • Demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills with stakeholders and cross-functional peers.
  • Work with stakeholders and senior execs to update them on progress, seek guidance with challenges, and understand opportunities to cross-sell.  
  •  As (enter company name) grows, help build an outstanding product team.
  • Lead, inspire and empower a team of engineers, designers, clinicians and other cross-functional representatives.
  • Working hand in hand with our design and engineering teams to build new product features geared towards the retail customer 
  • The Product Manager will lead a cross-functional team within the learning and supply group and will be accountable for improving the in-course experience for our learners.

Strategy and Roadmaps

  • Own and execute the product strategy and roadmap in an agile environment.
  • Define product requirements and partner with design, engineering, clinicians and marketing on new features.
  • Discover and validate new product opportunities by deeply understanding our users, market, technology, strategy, and data.
  • Drive feature experimentation (A/B and multivariate tests) along with data-driven decision-making (funnel analysis, user segmentation, etc.) to increase conversion and retention to increase LTV.
  • Communicate roadmaps, campaign briefs, priorities, and experiments to stakeholders and other team members.

Understanding Customers

  • Be the "voice of the customer"; invest significant time with current and potential customers to understand their needs and habits.
  • Own the pricing strategy and conduct experiments to optimise lifetime value.
  • To inform product strategies and roadmaps, generate and go deep on consumer insights, competitive intelligence, and data analytics.
  • Take responsibility for the retail consumer journey - from initial onboarding and wagering to customer communication.
  • Incorporating gamification throughout the product with the end goal of creating the ultimate social experience 
  • Rapidly ideate and develop product feature enhancements; discard the ones that don't work and build upon those that show promise. 
  • Building leading KPIs around feature impact and ROI
  • Understanding user behaviour and proposing and implementing features/changes based on feedback
  • Understanding problems and opportunities through data, user research, competitor analysis running experiments and interactions with the business
  • Planning how best to approach delivering maximum impact both within the sprint and over the long term using the resources available
  • Communicating the vision for their part of the product and keeping everyone informed and aligned with direction and progress

Skills and Requirements

Professional (objective) Skills / Experience / Knowledge 

  • Product management experience in a consumer tech business with a deep understanding of the principles of UX Design 
  • Demonstrable experience in taking an idea from discovery to a product that customers use
  • (enter the number of years experience)+ years of experience as a (enter speciality/area of expertise )Product Manager, working on (enter tasks)
  • Experience working with designers, engineers, business leaders, and multidisciplinary stakeholders to plan, execute and track releases from concept to launch.
  • Product certifications in (enter required certifications)
  • Unparalleled understanding of user acquisition and retention in a (enter work environment type) environment.
  • Track record of success in driving funnel conversion rate.
  • Experience using metrics to inform decision-making, e.g., Google Analytics, A/B testing, SQL, Excel.
  • Ability to understand and break down problems on a technical level.
  • Experience in product management, leading end-to-end product development, and empowering teams working in a collaborative cross-functional environment
  • A clear communicator. You can articulate a clear and compelling vision and get people across the organisation to buy into your idea and approach.
  • You are data and insights-driven and used to synthesising user research and analytics to decide on an approach and get buy-in from the team and stakeholders.
  • You are results-oriented and rigorous about measuring impact.
  • Senior product managers are expected to tackle more complex, less well-defined problems with more stakeholder interaction and help coach other team members.
  • Real-life experience of applying lean startup and design thinking to build products  
  • A well-stocked product management toolkit full of frameworks and processes you can draw upon when needed.
  • Broad understanding of the latest tech developments across fintech, with experience in payments a plus 

Personal (subjective) Skills And Attributes

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Ability to focus on a problem at hand while thoughtfully considering overarching company strategy 
  • An obsession with delivering the best possible service to our customers by having a deeper understanding of their needs.
  • A passionate and creative problem solver, continuously simplifying the complex.
  • A curious tester who learns from rapid failures and an entrepreneurial self-starter who takes ownership of their work.
  • A leader and inspirer of cross-functional teams.
  • A very clear, concise, empathetic communicator.
  • A quick learner who is fearless in asking for help. 
  • You take the initiative and own a problem until resolved.
  • You remain focused on what matters.
  • You remain calm and unflustered under pressure 
  • You work in a highly collaborative way, heavily emphasising teamwork and leading through influence; you empower teams to deliver the best solutions to problems and opportunities.
  • An optimistic and open-minded problem-solver.  
  • A love of working in a fast-paced, fluid environment and juggling multiple pieces of work simultaneously.
  • A genuine keen interest in people and empathy with (enter end user common issues).
  • A thirst for a range of experimental techniques to support product design and growth.
  • Your team enjoys working with you and is better as a result of your contributions and feedback. 
  • As we are a high-growth organisation, it is intended to be a partial list of all duties and may change with the evolution of the business.


  • An interest and passion for (enter desired interests).
  • Experience with (enter skill) and/or (enter skill) would be beneficial but not essential. 
  •  (Enter experience type) experience is an advantage, as is being a co-founder or part of a startup founding team. 
  • Ideally, have experience with (enter product types) products. If not directly in the (enter product type) space, products that follow a similar path. 
  • Experience in building social functionality would also be beneficial.

What next? 

Offer potential candidates more than just a job - allow them to join a fantastic company! Let your description cleary underline what makes your company unique, like growth plans and vision. Showcase all the great benefits of working for your company, whether that's the culture, the benefits or maybe the role itself. 

With these building blocks, you should be able to create a comprehensive and successful product manager job description for your upcoming role. Invest time and effort into creating an engaging job description, it needs to attract top-tier product management professionals passionate about driving innovation and delivering exceptional results.

If you need more help and advice or want to know if your salary for a prospective product manager matches what you are asking for from their skillset, then feel free to contact one of our Product team for further assistance.

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