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Listen to the daily routines of successful people across all fields and industries and you can almost guarantee that regular reading will feature. There are some fantastic books out there to help you continue your developer development while taking a much-needed screen break. And while there appears to be hundreds of ‘top 10’ lists out there we’re keeping you up to date with a round-up of some of the best recent releases for any developer.

1) Soft Skills, John Sonmez 

You can be the best developer out there technically but if you don't have the necessary soft skills, you're going to struggle to apply that talent to your career trajectory in any meaningful way. Sonmez's 2020 release looks at how to make you the best developer you can be in all aspects of your life.

2) Git Essentials, François Dupire

It can be easy to fall into the trap of just Googling code when you need some new and memorising Git commands. We get it - you're busy and it's a solution that works. Git Essentials will help you actually understand Git, something which will make you a valuable member of your team.

3) UX Design 2020, Theo Farrington

Having a solid understanding of how the code you write supports the priorities of your colleagues is essential, especially when you step up into broader leadership roles. Farrington's UX Design 2020 handbook will help you communicate with the UX designers you work alongside on a new level.

4) Rock the Tech Stage, Oscar Santolalla 

This book shares the secrets of thought leaders who have mastered the ability to tell the story of the technology they're creating in a gripping and inspiring way. Whether you're looking to head up your own startup one day or step up within your current company, it's a powerful read.

5) A Programmer's Guide to Computer Science, William M. Springer II 

This one was published in 2019 but we're going to sneak it in because it's such a useful read. Any self-taught developers may understand the pain of knowing that you have the technical skills, but feel out of your depth when everybody starts talking theory. This book helps bridge the gap, teaching you the basics of a computer science degree.

6) The Squiggly Career, Helen Tupper

Not specifically for developers, but this 2020 release gives valuable advice on how to navigate non-traditional careers. It's essential reading for anybody in the technology space.

7) The Successful Software Manager, Herman Fung

If you've mastered writing code yourself and are looking to lead a team next, Herman Fung gives some great practical advice on moving from a developer to a manager role.

8) 12 Months to $1 Million, Ryan Moran

You've spent years learning your craft and working on other people's projects, now you want to go for it and bring your own idea to life. Moran's latest book offers you a road map for the first 12 months of building your business through key stages: The Grind, The Growth and The Gold.

9) Uncanny Valley, Anna Wiener 

Weiner's memoir talks us through her experiences in Silicon Valley and how she became addicted to the internet from the inside. An insightful commentary on how technology is changing our world forever alongside provides the backdrop to her own story.

10) How Software Developers Swear Coloring Book

Need a little light relief after spending so much time on personal development? This one’s for you.

As leading recruiters for Development we’re constantly striving to learn more about what makes our community of developers tick. If you’ve picked up a recent development book release worth mentioning that we haven’t listed feel free to add your suggestions of development books in the comments.

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