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At Consortia, we excel in recruiting top-tier data leaders, including Head of Data Science, Chief Data Scientist, Director of Data Science, Data Analytics Operations Director, and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO). With an in-depth grasp of the data industry and an expansive network of data professionals, we have a remarkable track record of placing highly skilled data leaders in critical roles across global organisations.
Our senior data specialist recruiters meticulously evaluate the skills, expertise, and qualities required for data leadership positions so you don't have to. We use a consultative approach to fully understand your company culture, vision, budgets and requirements so we can search effectively.
We have a proven history of identifying and attracting exceptional candidates with the right mix of technical prowess and strategic insight, so our CV-to-interview ratio is unparalleled by other recruitment companies. Find out what our clients say about us.

Our key strength lies in our adeptness at engaging with passive candidates, not actively seeking new opportunities in the data leadership domain. This, coupled with our consultative approach, positions us as the go-to agency for complex hires in the data leadership arena time and time again. Whether you're seeking a Head of Data Analytics or a Chief of Data Science, Consortia has the expertise and network to secure the right data leader for your organisation.

If you are a data scientist, data engineer or data analyst leader looking for change or you are ready for a step up to a more senior data role take a look at our jobs page.

Data Leader Jobs Market

The job market for data leaders at the senior and leadership levels is generally vibrant and competitive. As data-driven strategies continue gaining prominence in shaping successful business outcomes, these leadership roles within data are pivotal. Seasoned data leaders with a track record of achievement, extensive experience, and a robust portfolio are in high demand across various sectors, including technology, finance, healthcare, and gaming.

We've observed companies offering enticing compensation packages and perks to attract and retain top data leadership talent within this competitive landscape. These may encompass equity or stock options, flexible work arrangements, and avenues for professional growth.

It's important to acknowledge that data leadership job market conditions vary significantly based on location, industry sector, and individual company circumstances. Nonetheless, the demand for adept data leaders remains consistently strong, presenting exciting prospects for individuals with the right skills, expertise, and leadership capabilities. Whether you're looking to secure a role as a Data Analytics Head, a Chief Data Science Officer, or a Lead Engineer role, our tailored approach can help you navigate this dynamic landscape.

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