UX Leader Expertise

Our company, Consortia, brings a wealth of expertise in recruiting UX leaders. With a deep understanding of the UX industry and a vast network of professionals, we have successfully placed numerous talented UX leaders in top organisations across the globe.

Our team of experienced UX specialist recruiters comprehensively assesses the skills, experience, and leadership qualities required for UX leadership jobs, including heads of UX, UX managers and UX directors.

We have a proven track record in identifying and attracting top-notch candidates with a potent blend of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and a passion for user-centred design. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and conducting thorough candidate evaluations, we provide our clients with access to exceptional UX leaders who can drive impactful user experiences, improve innovation, and align UX strategies with business goals.

One of our strengths is that we effectively and regularly engage with passive candidates who may not actively seek new opportunities within the UX leadership space. Thanks to this, as well as the consultative approach we take, we have been the agency of choice for complex hires for UX leaders time and time again. 

UX Leader Jobs Market

Encompassing all levels of UX recruitment, we place candidates in various jobs, from UX designers and user researchers to Head of UX and UX directors. 

The UX job market at the higher end of the role for seniors and leaders is generally robust and highly competitive. As user experience continues gaining recognition as a critical component of successful product development, organisations increasingly invest in UX leadership to drive strategic design decisions and enhance overall user satisfaction. Senior UX leaders with a proven track record of success, extensive experience, and a strong portfolio are in high demand across various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

In this competitive market, we have seen that companies will offer attractive salary packages and benefits to attract and retain top UX talent, including equity or stock options, flexible work arrangements and professional development opportunities.

However, it is worth noting that the UX job market conditions vary based on location, industry sector, and economic conditions. Overall, the demand for experienced UX leaders remains high, presenting exciting opportunities for those with the right skills, expertise, and leadership capabilities.

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