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Silicon Valley often overshadows the European tech startup scene. However, Europe's tech startup growth is accelerating and now over sixty European tech startups are worth in excess of $1bn. Read on to find out more about Europe's up and coming tech hubs.


1) Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a potential hidden gem for startups. The weather is excellent, and the city has a rich history of art and culture. The Catalan capital has grown to become the most appealing startup ecosystem in Spain. Barcelona is a city rich in history, and it is now home to some of Europe's fastest-growing startup companies such as TravelPerk, Typeform and Glovo, to name just a few.

Barcelona has one of the most potent innovation systems in Europe. Every year the city hosts the Mobile World Congress, one of the most influential events in the communication industry.

Approximately 1197 startups started life in Barcelona in 2018. The pandemic has increased the desire for young people to initiate their businesses, whether it is a side hustle or a full-time commitment.

Fintech companies in their early life are being attracted to Barcelona as it is an accessible city and can act as a hub for remote workers and entrepreneurs. Barcelona also has a few incubator programmes such as 2 digits growth and Itnig; these venture builders can accelerate the development of promising startups.


2) Berlin, Germany

Berlin is another city ever-increasing in popularity with the younger generations looking to bring a company to life. Consortia has had a long relationship with Berlin, and we have noticed that recruitment trends are increasing even more. We might be biased but would undoubtedly place Berlin as our favourite of the three best cities for European tech jobs! 

The main reason why Berlin has become a tech hub is because of its vibrant culture. Germany has made international work visas accessible to those who have defined tech skills. The visa application process makes Germany an excellent option for tech companies looking for a base in Europe. Tech startups have cemented themselves within Berlin, and there is even an area of Berlin that has the nickname 'Silicon Allee'.

Deutsche Telecom, Microsoft and Google have all just launched tech accelerator programs in Berlin to ensure companies that are building great tech products have access to capital and can ensure their business proliferates.

Berlin is a hub for tech companies across the entire spectrum, spanning numerous verticals.


3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is growing in stature in regards to how the tech scene is developing. Accelerator schemes such as Rockstart enable tech companies to focus on building sublime products.

Dutch companies also draw substantial interest from foreign investors because of tax incentives. WeTransfer recently closed an investment of $25m in their Series A round at a valuation in excess of $100m. Plus, if you are looking for a place with a bit of cultural sparkle as well as just monetary, then Amsterdam can undoubtedly provide that too. With over 300 festivals a year, a wealth of museums and galleries and a thriving music scene, Amsterdam may look like a village, but it certainly doesn't act like one! For those who decide to settle here, Amsterdams culture club is a great way to connect with others from across the globe within the city while uncovering its secrets. 



So there you have it, whether you are in User ExperienceProduct ManagementDevelopmentDevOps and Data Science and whatever you are into whether it's sport, music or art these are 3 of the best cities for tech jobs and lifestyle in our opinion. 

Consortia work with tech giants and innovative startups across Europe, so if this article has inspired you to think of making a move to a European tech hub or you want to find out more about any of our roles, contact one of our tech recruitment team

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