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As a development professional, the chance to attend coding events where you can learn, and network should be some of the best times of the year. Not only can it sharpen certain skills, but it can also broaden your coding skills so that you are moving with the times.

1.       DeltaV Conference 2018 – May 10th – May 11th – London

The DeltaV conference is coming up this month on May 10th, with talks across the two days. The coding conference will give you the latest tips and tricks to give you some quick wins. The conference slogan is “Show your team what’s possible” with the conference saying you will:

  • Identify quick wins
  • Measure the impact
  • Persuade your business to act.

We are looking forward to seeing what they have on offer at the show, and we’re sure it’ll be a good one! Click here to see more.

2.       Fullstack 2018 – July 11th – July 13th – London

This year, FullStack 2018 will be hosted at the Business Design Centre for the first time and will have an “intense 3 days of learning and sharing.” They also boast about being the go-to conference for JavaScript, Node, Angular and IoT. You’ll be able to learn and share new skills with some key experts, who will give you a real insight into how they, at the top, deal with situations.

You can get tickets by clicking here.

3.       dotJS – November 8th – November 9th – Paris

the largest JavaScript conference in Europe is coming back on November 9th in Paris! With world-class speakers on stage (like last year with the inventor of JavaScript, a member from the Webpack core team, the co-creator of Django and many more), you should not miss the 2018 edition. 

The guys over at DotJS have kindly given our readers a 20% discount on tickets for the event. You can use the code CONSORTIA on this link.

4.       Pixel Pioneers – 8th June – Bristol

Pixel Pioneers is a one day conference, with eight speakers who will give “inspiring talks.” Created by Oliver Lindberg, who is the former editor of net magazine – he will be giving talks to the web community, with “inspirational, practical talks and workshops” – All for a very affordable price. This is a great coding event that you won’t want to miss!

The guys over at Pixel Pioneers have kindly offered all of our readers 10% off of tickets! You can view them here...

5.       ScotlandJS – July 19th – July 20th – Edinburgh

Looking for a fast paced, informative talks? This is the event for you – With 20 min talks that are quick paced, you will need to be ready to learn and develop to really get the most out of ScotlandJS. As well as the main event, on Saturday 21st, there will be talks on how to create a mobile app purely on JavaScript. It’s shaping up to be a very good event.

You can get tickets by clicking here.

Well, that wraps up our latest events right now, but keep visiting the page as we will be updating this article with more and more as we go on. Have we missed one? Tweet us: @Consortia_Dev

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