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We're always looking to give you the best content, and we've been speaking to people in the sector who say they would love to see a list of Product Management events. Below are a selection of the events we think are worth attending, so it's easier for you to see where is best to go next. So without further ado, here's the list of Product Management events we think are worth attending...


Working Products – Hamburg, Germany

Date: June 29th – June 30th

This will be the third conference for the Working Products conferences and the event will be taking place in Hamburg. The conference is for Product Managers specifically, and their aim is to innovate at the show, sharing knowledge together. Last year, all of the talks were recorded so they could be listened back to at any given point as the talks were in parallel.

You can view the event here.


Product Festival – London, UK

Date: July 18th

Boasting with huge companies that attend, like Amazon, Spotify, Tesla and more, this is a great Product Management event to attend. The speakers for the festival in July include Product Managers at Facebook, AirBnB, Microsoft and Deliveroo, and is perfect to network amongst experts, and bounce ideas off of each other. You’ll be able to ask questions and get a direct insight into the leaders in the Product Management sector, giving you a distinct boost on your Product Management over competitors.

Interested in securing tickets? Click here to view.


Turing Fest – Edinburgh, Scotland

Date: August 1st – August 2nd

Turing Fest is focussed around tech generally, but has a great platform for Product Managers to grow and network, and gain tactical skills all while learning from the best of the best. The specific day for Product Management is the 1st of August, and with speakers from the BBC, Mind the Product, Typeform and more, this one promises to be unmissable. Turing Fest say they “hand-pick each speaker for their depth of experience and expertise. You'll hear from the people behind products that have made an impact.”


Refresh – Tallin, Estonia

Date: September 7th

This conference has rave reviews from people that have been to previous one’s, and they all say the same thing. “Awesome content!” This one is all about activities and networking, creating an atmosphere where Product Managers can thrive. You’ll be working with some of the brightest minds in the sector, with 8 talks confirmed on the Product stage. There will be some huge companies being represented too, such as Google AI, MailChimp, and more. It’s well worth a ticket, even if it’s the first time you’ll be attending.

Want to get a ticket? Click here to view.


Mind the Product – London, UK

Date: October 18th – October 19th

This one is probably the most well known of all of these events that I have written about so far. This event, by Mind the Product’s definition, is helping to inspire Product Managers, helping to build better products. With workshops on throughout both days, these are one’s that you won’t want to miss, helping you have more skills such as Product Road mapping, User Research, Stakeholder management, Metrics and Analytics and much more. The conference will be held in London and will be a hub for all of the knowledge you need to succeed in the Product Management sector.

You can view this conference here.

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