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There’s many events in 2018 for the UX sector that will blow your mind with the amazing content and knowledge that is at the shows, but we’ve picked our favourites that you should be attending in the next year. Do you have any events that we haven’t picked up on in this article? Why not tweet us with your ideas, over at @Consortia_UX.

1. The UX Conference – London, UK – September 7th

The UX Conference looks revolutionary. With talks from people like Research in UX from Microsoft, UX Research in Social Media by Facebook and UX Research in Healthcare by the National Heath Service of the UK, this truly looks like one not to miss. Industry leaders will be there to allow you to learn off their knowledge, and we can’t wait to see what happens with this one!

You can view more about this event here.

2. UX Australia – Melbourne, Australia – 28th August – 31st August

Well, it’s a little further out than the others, but still valuable all the same. Now in it’s 10th year, the conference focuses on practical skills that you can take away from the conference easily and apply it straight away. This is a valuable event for those who want some intense training within the UX sector.

You can view more about this event here.

3. Enterprise UX 2018 - San Francisco - 13th June - 15th June

Enterprise UX is an amazing show that is over in San Francisco. In June, UXers from all over the world come together, and this event promises to be a big one. With people speaking, not only from corporate businesses, but also former government speakers, this one promises to be informative and interesting on all levels.

You can view more about this event here.

4. UX Stat Europe - Amsterdam - 10th June - 12th June

UX Strat has some big speakers in attendance. The first day will be covered with workshops, which will be informative and interesting, however, on the second day, speakers will include people from Google, Philips, PWC and more. With some of the biggest companies attending, this one shouldn't be missed.

You can view more about this event here.

5. Midwest UX Conference 2018 - Chicago - 11th October - 13th October

3 days based on User-Centered design sounds exactly what a UXer needs. With Kim Goodwin the first confirmed to speak, the conference looks like a good one to connect, learn and share with industry leaders. 

You can view more about this event here.

6. Adobe MAX 2018 - Los Angeles - 13th October - 17th October

With this conference organised by one of the biggest companies in the world, known for designing User Experience, this conference is set to have some key information with key speakers in the sector. This one is going to be very creative and is well worth attending. 

You can view more about this event here.

7. UX Brighton 2018 – Advancing Research - Brighton - 2nd November

This conference is all about UX Research and is a must for UXers. This conference will delve into the world of research, and how it will help you in the real world, as well as teaching you how to build a research team.

You can view more about this event here.


That concludes our list of the top events for UX sector. Interested in progressing your career within the UX sector? Why not get in contact with us today…

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