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This is just the start of an ever-growing list of UX speakers, leaders and influencers and we've been overwhelmed by the response and volume of recommendations when putting this post together. Whilst we couldn't possibly list them all, we think we've made a pretty good start and will continue to try to map out more amazing UX’ers as we find them. Tweet your suggestions @Consortia.


> Scott Jenson

Twitter: @scottjenson


Scott Jenson is arguably one of the most famous UX influencers, with a huge social media following and over 20 years of industry experience. Scott’s impressive job history includes names such as Apple, Google and the Newton Group, which explains why he has been at the forefront of user interface design for over 25 years. Scott’s website is constantly updated with a variety of blog posts which are thorough and alluring, definitely worth the read! He is also hugely active on Twitter, frequently re-tweeting, sharing and updating.

> Luke Wroblewski

Twitter: @lukew


Luke Wroblewski is one of the most successful digital product leaders in the world. Luke previously worked at NCSA, Yahoo and eBay, and created software that has more than 700 million users worldwide. Luke is currently the Product Leader at Google, is an author of 3 successful web books, a respected speaker, and co-founder/ former board member of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). He founded Polar, (Google acquired) Bagcheck (Twitter acquired) and is extremely active online. His website contains over 1,500 articles and he is an avid Twitter user.

> Charlotte Gauthier

Twitter: @thenewcharlotte


Charlotte Gauthier is a seasoned UX and Product professional with a passion for designing services and products that delight the user. She can be found talking at UX events in the UK and Germany on topics including design leadership, service design and much more. When not talking at events, she can be found writing UX and product focussed blog articles on her website. Charlotte is in the middle of writing a book focussed on UX and product in early stage start-ups and given her knowledge and experience in this space, we are sure it will be a great resource, so watch this space!

> Khoi Vinh

Twitter: @khoi


Khoi Vinh specialises in visual design solutions for businesses, designs for online experiences, information architecture, usability, design theory and practice. Khoi is currently working as the Principal Designer for Adobe. Khoi is well respected within the design industry, having built up a credible reputation and was named one off Fast Co’s '50 Most Influential Designers in America'. Khoi is an active Twitter user with an extensive following, frequently Tweeting about IOS, Apple & Android news. His website draws a large audience and is packed full of topics around design, technology and culture.

> Patrick Neeman

Twitter: @usabilitycounts


Patrick Neeman is currently the Sr. Director of User Experience at software company, Icertis.  His impressive career to date spans tech giants such as; Microsoft, Myspace, Comcast, Wasserman media group and eBay. You’ve probably come across Patrick before, as he runs the distinguished UX website, containing thousands of UX posts covering topics such as; interview prep, design tips, to which UX conferences you should be attending. Patrick’s online presence doesn’t end there; his Twitter account has nearly 42,000 Tweets and is rammed with a combination of UX jokes and helpful advice.

> Sarah Doody

Twitter: @sarahdoody


Sarah Doody is hugely involved in the UX industry. She is a contributing author to UX Magazine, the InVision blog, and has been published in the New York Times. She belongs to a core team of instructors for Femgineer, an organisation that empowers female software engineers, where she mentors students who take the Lean Product Development course. Sarah runs a weekly UX newsletter which you can subscribe to here, giving some great insight into how other designers approach problems. Its definitely worth subscribing today.

> Leslie Fountain

Twitter: @ljkfountain


Leslie Fountain has over 15 years experience in the UX industry and is currently acting as Managing Director for UX design agency, Foolproof. In her extensive career, Leslie has specialised in areas such as user research, usability, designing and managing user-centred design as well as being involved in several accessibility projects around the world.  Follow Leslie for the very best in news, views and industry best practice.

> Cory Lebson

Twitter: @CoryLebson


Cory Lebson is a speaker, trainer, mentor, writer, UX event organiser, author and ex President of the UXPA International and UXPA DC. More recently he has become an Instructor on, the learning platform recently acquired by LinkedIn, with courses including: Strategies for Successful UX Freelancers. Cory has over 20 years experience leading user experience projects. When not consulting, you can catch him giving talks on a whole host of different related topics from UX Hiring to Getting Started in UX. You can pick up his latest book ‘The UX Careers Handbook’ here.

> Georgie Bottomley 

Twitter: @bottomley_g


Georgie Bottomley is currently a UX Researcher at software development company Atlassian and is co-founder of the hugely influential meetup group, Ladies that UX. She is quoted as being the woman responsible for a revolution in digital and in 2015 curated the first all-female line up conference, Talk UX. Her dedication to the industry and tech as a whole is hugely admirable and her efforts have made a significant impact on women across the globe.

> Jan Jursa

Twitter: @IATV


Jan Jursa is a UX expert and mobile experience designer based in Germany, who cannot get enough of UX and loves everything digital. Jan has a large social presence; his twitter account is packed with UX related content. He hosts not one, but two successful podcasts (IATV Radio, Abends in der Kreativwirtschaft) as well as being the editor in chief of the free eBook, 'UX Storytellers'. Somehow Jan also manages three successful conferences each year; the German IA Summit and MobX Mobile UX Summit.

> Jared Spool

Twitter: @jmspool


Jared Spool is a UX master, founder of UIE and co-founder of Center Centre. Jared specialises in design, user experience, usability, and user interface design and has been working in the industry since 1978! Jarad is also a renowned speaker at over 20 conferences a year; he is conference chair and keynote speaker at the annual UI Conference as well as a speaker at the UX Immersion Conference. He is the author and co-author of two books, he also shares his knowledge on his Twitter where he has an impressive following and has over 60,000 Tweets! 

> Kenny Chen

Twitter: @kennycheny


Kenny Chen is a user experience designer who specialises in creating useful, thoughtful and delightful products. He is based in Los Angeles where he is the current User Experience Designer for Bankrate Credit Cards. In addition to being the creator of Rapid Prototyping with Framer, he is also the designer and coder behind Posterized, a Dribble iOS app. Kenny also curates UXDesign weekly which has over 19,000 subscribers and is published every Monday. Definitely worth the subscription!

> Johanna Kollmann

Twitter: @johannakoll


Johanna is currently working on her own product and UX consultancy, Us and The Machines Ltd, which she started back in April 2014. Prior to this she was Head of Product at Snyk, adding to her 10 yeas plus of experience working with product management, user research, UX design, and service design. She has co-chaired oodles of conferences and workshops including the 2014 IA Summit conference and World IA day. Not only does Johanna have her own website containing a range of videos and blog posts, she also links to her SlideShare offering over 25 different PowerPoints covering a range of topics. The PowerPoints are definitey worth taking a look at, as they are concise and a lot more exciting than readings great essays of text!

> Leah Buley

Twitter: @leahbuley


Author, researcher, speaker and all–round UX superstar, Leah Buley has over 15 years experience in the industry. Her impressive career has seen her work at start-ups, agencies and Fortune 100 companies, spanning a variety of industries including;  financial services, education, media, mobile and not-for-profits to name but a few. Her website showcases an impressive list of research projects and her publication, 'The User Experience Team of One' is renowned for being instrumental in helping guide and advise lone UX’ers on how to work efficiently and successfully in the world of UX.

> Peter W. Szabo

Twitter: @wszp


Peter W. Szabo is a UX and UI fanatic with over 8 years experience and an impressive career history. He is currently one of the worlds leading user experience consultants, and the current principal of the agency.  Peter’s blog draws a large audience containing numerous management articles and UX essentials. He a keen speaker, workshop host, and currently has a book out which offers strategic insights and product development tips!

> Leisa Reichelt

Twitter: @leisa


Leisa Reichelt has an extensive background in user centred design, design research and information architecture and is a prolific speaker, contributing to a whole host of conferences around the globe.  In 2010, Leisa founded the hugely popular meetup group, the London UX Bookclub, a congregation of UX professionals who regularly meet to discuss UX literature. She is currently acting as the Head of Service Design for the Australian Digital Transformation Office, before which she was Head of User Research at the Government Digital Service (GDS) in the UK.

> Andy Budd

Twitter: @andybudd


Andy Budd is a UX designer and the founding partner and CEO of User Experience Design Company, Clearleft. Andy is an active speaker, sharing his knowledge and experience at conferences such as SXSW, FOWD and AEA. He was also responsible for the UK’s first Usability dedicated event UX London, as well as being the curator of dConstruct, one of the most popular UK design conferences. Andy’s industry experience is highly sought after by numerous magazines and he was also named as one of the most Influential People in the Digital Sector in 2010’s Wired Magazine. Is there anything Andy can’t do? Check out his blog and Twitter to keep up to date with leading design discussions.

> Jason Mesut

Twitter: @jasonmesut


Jason Mesut is Head of User Experience at RMA consulting, a NTT DATA company which is the sixth largest IT services company in the world. He has over 10 year’s experience and is in charge of over 40 UX and Design Consultants. His impressive career history consists of, PA consulting, Flow interactive and Oyster/Framfab/LBi (amongst others) adding to his experience as Interactive Designer, Digital Strategist and User Experience Consultant etc. Jason also plans various free UX events as his role as local leader for IxDA, as well as speaking frequently at a range of UX conferences and events across the globe. He is definitely worth a follow on Twitter!

> Ian Fenn

Twitter: @ifenn


Ian Fenn has over 20 years experience within the UX industry and uses his experience and expertise to enable him to develop solutions to match the needs of a whole host of clients. Ian has worked as a freelancer for companies such as Walt Disney, HSBC, and is currently working independently from his London based company, Chopstix. He has used his knowledge and experience from working within industry to write his recently published book, 'Designing a UX Portfolio'.

> Bonny Colville-Hyde

Twitter: @almostexact


Bonny Colville-Hyde has over 10 years experience in UX and Product and has worked with huge brands including; Expedia, eBay and the BBC. Her aim is to cultivate an awareness and appreciation of user needs throughout the organisations she works with. When not advocating UX internally, Bonny can be found speaking at events and running workshops across Europe, she is best known for her talks on UX comics. If you haven’t managed to catch one of Bonny’s talks or to revisit them at any time, she has handily included the Slideshare links on her website.

> Alan Colville

Twitter: @alancolville


Alan Colville is a user experience designer with over 20 years experience in the industry. He has worked  with brands such as RIM, Visa, Nokia, Vodafone and BT vision. Alan also spent time at Virgin Media where he was a Senior Commercial Manager, as well as being the co-founder of Analog. Amongst all this Alan also is a confident speaker, sharing his knowledge at both UX Bristol, and Agile Cambridge. On top of all this he has previously been featured in UX Booth and 52 weeks of UX and UX Magazine!

> Giles Colborne

Twitter: @gilescolborne


Giles Colborne is CEO of cxpartners, a design consultancy that is established in both Bristol and London, specialising in web, mobile, and user interface deign. cxpartners was found in 2004 and attracts clients such as Marriot, eBay, Nokia. Giles has been working in UX since the early 1990’s, and in 2010 released his book, 'Simple and Usable' which although slightly dated now, received great reviews. On Twitter, Giles frequently Tweets updates, news and often re-tweet discount codes for UX events- so can save you a few pounds!

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