There’s no denying that we live in a data driven world. More and more we are seeing brands actively using customer data to inform and drive wider business decisions, so it comes as no surprise that demand for talent in the business intelligence space has grown. But exactly what do recruiters and subsequently employers look for when searching for a new BI specialist and as a candidate, how can you ensure you stand out from the crowd? We caught up with Daniel and Tom from our Data and BI teams to find out…

Longevity in roles

If a candidate has a long list of short term projects on their CV, this can be viewed negatively by some (but not all) hiring managers and consequently their recruiters. Understandably the length of your engagements isn’t always in your hands but be cautious if you are considering leaving a project early or starting a short term engagement. Short term projects aren’t necessarily an issue as long as you can point to longevity or recalls elsewhere. 

Success Stories

Fully flesh out your relevant experience and skills beyond just basic input.  A useful structure to follow is ‘main responsibilities’ followed by ‘methods’ and ‘key achievements’. Consider using any statistics or key points likely to impress. Be sure to showcase a good variety of projects and links to any dashboards you may have created and the business outcomes associated with them.

Relevance of Job Title

When securing a new role, make sure your job title accurately reflects the role you do (even if the official job title you hold is different). If this is something you can’t do, ensure your job summary or headline statement highlights the acting role and responsibilities, even if the title doesn't!

Communication Skills

Business interaction is critical to many BI roles. Some key challenges include dealing with stakeholders resistant to change, pushing back due to the feasibility of what is requested and understand what the client has in their mind’s eye. Demonstrating this on your CV will go a long way to differentiating you from others in the market.

Real-Life Examples

Try to provide real life examples of how you’ve directly impacted a business or project outcomes.  Be sure to outline project aims and outcomes to provide interested parties with clear insights into how you enhanced business performance. Be sure to highlight not just technical issues but also examples of how this impacted overall business progression.


Increasingly, BI certifications have become more important for business intelligence pros and something that recruiters and employers alike will look for upon scanning your profile as they are looking for anything that sets you apart. Be sure to reference any additional skills or certifications that you have to successfully tick this box!

Creativity & ability

Where possible it’s best to provide a portfolio to demonstrate actual examples of work you’ve done. Many clients don’t welcome their data being publicly shared. However, by loading dummy data or blurring you can show the look and feel without giving away private company information.  If you have the time, creating a custom dashboard using your prospective new employers brand colours will put you on the front foot. What’s key here is creating visually stimulating and clean dashboards or reports which clearly demonstrate your skills and ability.

(Equally showing the complexity of data models you have created can be helpful also).  

Leadership Skills

If you’ve had managerial or leadership experience, be sure to highlight in detail what this was and how it impacted the wider team development and/or project outcomes.

Testimonials & recommendations

Including public endorsements and recommendations on your Profile is a great way to firstly grab the attention of a recruiter or employer viewing your profile but also helps to further consolidate the skills and experiences you’ve listed out. If you don’t have any testimonials or recommendations, reach out to current and past employers to get the ball rolling.


Visible networking, group membership, public speaking at events, online contributions…we could go on!  If there’s any additional activities which will help convey your passion for the industry, document it. In such a competitive marketplace it’s more important than ever to make yourself stand out.

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