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Fashion Designer, Systems Architect at NASA and now Global Product Designer at Delivery Hero, Jade Johnson tells us about being a woman in tech here, as part of our International Women's Day Industry Insiders series. 

She had also provided us with some fantastic insight regarding the best Meet-Ups, organisations, conference, workshops in Berlin and beyond. 

Jade's website:

Women in Tech Affiliations:

  • Womenwill - Global initiative backed by Google to close the gender gap across varying countries.

  • Global Fund for Women Women’s human rights organization that strives for equality and closing the gender gap in tech. They mention the educational and human rights constraints within different cultures, and this is a huge contributor to underrepresentation of women in tech.

    Global Fund for Women campaign, Ignite: Women Fueling Science and Technology
    Five ways technology can build gender equality

  • Women Who Tech - They help women to get startups funded; 90% of investor money goes to startups founded by men. Collaboration with Google Investor.

  • Open Global Rights - Discusses online abuse targeting women and people of color. And how necessary it is for women to have more access to the internet and resources in order to prevent further marginalisation, and keeping them safe.

  • Factory Berlin - Paid coworking space that has a huge network of investors, startups, innovation labs, collabs, events, etc.

  • Women Who Code - They host Meetups in Berlin.

  • Rails Girls Berlin - Free Ruby on Rails workshops for newbies who want to code.

  • NG Girls - They offer free Angular coding workshops in Europe.

  • Girls in Tech - They offer a mentorship program.

  • Berlin Geekettes - Global community of women in tech that help aspiring and established tech innovators. They offer a mentorship program.

  • Female Pressure - Support network helping female identifying artists in music, design, tech(ish), etc. They discuss everything from booking, feminism and solutions in the industry. 

  • United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights - Corporate responsibility in Supporting Human Rights, which could positively impact best practices in employee treatment and hiring processes.

Women in Tech Related Conferences 2019

  • Web Summit - Huge conference in Portugal with big female presence. Women in Tech are offered discount tickets.

  • European Women in Technology - Scroll down to “our events” for more seminars.

  • Women in Tech World Series - The Women in Tech World Series is a platform built to empower individuals and drive diversity and inclusion.

Article: "Best Conferences for Women in Tech 2019"

  • Blog post focusing on tech and diversity inclusion.


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