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£60,000 - £85,000 per annum


Data Engineers




Will Hurrell


0203 397 4565

Becksford are looking for a Data Engineer to join the football analytics team as a part of a wider sports analytics business - covering cricket, rugby, tennis and football. The successful Data Engineer will have the latest and richest football data at their disposal and have full autonomy and ownership to define and build the football platform which will be the foundation to the success in football analytics. You need to be a Data Engineer passionate about football and ensuring data is centralised, unified and accurate. This is a remote Data Scientist role with travel to the offices by The Oval cricket ground for team meetings - start ASAP.


The Role

  • Ingest and merge data from multiple internal and external sources
  • Build and maintain robust, resilient and reliable ETL pipelines
  • Collaborate with the data science team on feature engineering and model productionisation and monitoring
  • Ensure data is stored in an efficient and accessible manner
  • Monitor data quality for accuracy and completeness
  • Reduce/remove roadblocks for the data science team to drive down time to insight
  • Design, develop and deploy APIs for internal and external consumption



  • Experience working with a cloud solution (Google Cloud, AWS, Oracle, Snowflake, etc)
  • Experience with AWS data services
  • Familiarity with pipeline orchestration tools (Airflow)
  • Fluency in Python or similar language and experience with Flask or a similar framework
  • Experience working with complex relational databases as well as NoSQL
  • Experience with ETL systems and data modelling
  • Experience developing and deploying scalable APIs
  • Familiarity with distributed computing options and large-scale data storage (Spark, Dask)

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