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Munich / Remote




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Data Science




Tom Pollock


0203 397 4565

Machine Learning Engineer


As a talented Senior Machine learning engineer, your pivotal role involves constructing and enhancing infrastructure for training and deploying ML models, focusing on scalability, resilience, and production readiness. Collaborate closely with the software engineering team to bring these models to life in practical, real-world scenarios. While the client prioritise problem-solving, creativity, and drive over specific tools, the following references provide valuable insights into beneficial experiences.


In this role, you'll significantly contribute to machine learning initiatives and be responsible for infrastructure development. Your tasks include building and enhancing infrastructure and data pipelines for modern ML applications. Collaboration with customers and product teams ensures an exceptional user experience and optimised results. You'll also design ML development APIs to streamline workflows, deploy models, and establish robust monitoring procedures. Staying updated on the latest ML advancements and fostering knowledge sharing within the team are integral to your role.


Key Qualifications:


  • Proven track record in developing and deploying real-world machine-learning applications
  • Strong coding skills, particularly in Python, with familiarity in ML libraries like TensorFlow or PyTorch
  • Experience in establishing a modular and scalable production-ready ML stack
  • Solid grounding in software engineering best practices
  • Keeping abreast of the latest ML advancements, including LLMs, LMMs, and more
  • Expertise in optimising and diagnosing production code
  • Ability to make informed decisions and understand trade-offs aligned with the company's stage of development.


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