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Munich / Remote




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Tom Pollock


0203 397 4565

Senior Frontend Engineer


As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you'll be a vital force within the engineering team, wielding significant influence over design choices and tackling the most formidable technical hurdles to construct cutting-edge software. This role offers a thrilling opportunity to make a high-impact contribution, working alongside an exceptional team to shape the product and drive tangible value to valued customers.


Role Overview:


In this role, you'll create an enterprise application that combines visual appeal with intuitive functionality, offering a consumer-grade experience. You'll work closely with product and backend teams to develop scalable front-end components and conduct efficient user testing through prototype design. Strong software development skills will be applied to ensure robust and high-performing UIs. You'll translate customer requirements into software solutions, write clean code, and actively communicate, fostering an engineering culture of quality and innovation.


Key Qualifications:

  • Expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with experience in Frontend TypeScript.
  • Strong commercial experience with frontend libraries and frameworks like React, Hooks, and Next.js.
  • Experience with REST APIs.
  • Proficiency in component libraries, including Material UI, and the ability to extend your app with custom components.


In terms of the frameworks, tools, and languages you should prioritise, the focus is really on problem-solving abilities, creativity, and unwavering commitment as these outweigh any specific tool proficiency, as these can be developed over time.


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