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Munich / Remote




€80,000 - €100,000 per annum






Tom Pollock


0203 397 4565

Join a High-Impact Team as a Senior Backend Engineer


Become a key player in a dynamic engineering team of one of the hottest scaleups around and help shape the future of cutting-edge software development.


As a Senior Backend Engineer, you'll have a chance to make your mark and drive innovation for this Munich innovator.


We believe that problem-solving, creativity, and drive are more important than specific tool expertise. However, the following experiences could be beneficial:


  • Proficiency in developing RESTful APIs using frameworks and tools such as FastAPI, Pytest and more.
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming languages and domain-driven design.
  • Ability to deploy applications to cloud services like Azure, GCP, or AWS.
  • Capability to set up and manage PostgreSQL databases, work with ORMs, and write database migrations.
  • Proficiency in Python Stack Technologies


In this role, you will architect and define the foundational elements and tool choices for a B2B SaaS application. Your responsibilities also include refining the domain model and business logic for a sophisticated enterprise solution. You will take the lead in assessing the implementation effort and complexity, which will directly inform our future roadmap. As a Senior Backend Engineer, you'll be instrumental in developing essential backend structures and APIs to effectively serve our diverse customer base. Technical ownership is a key aspect of your role, where you'll make practical decisions regarding frameworks, tools, data models, design, and scalability, ensuring the perfect balance of speed and quality. Crafting clean and maintainable code while placing a strong emphasis on comprehensive testing is essential for seamless knowledge transfer within the team. Your role will involve engaging in 1:1s, conducting code reviews, and actively contributing to the continuous improvement of our codebase. Additionally, you'll proactively communicate, document, and share your approach, progress, results, and challenges, all while nurturing an engineering culture characterised by quality, innovation, and ambition across the organisation.


We understand that the ideal candidate may not fit a rigid set of qualifications. We're interested in your motivation and drive to excel in this role and contribute to our high-impact team.

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