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Having recruited in the product space for many years, we realised the need for a dedicated team of Product Owner Recruiters given the scarcity of top talent. Both the permanent and contract product owner recruitment teams understand the difficulty in sourcing whether that be; the differing nature of a product owners job role vs a product manager, how to define the role of the product owner or the subtle differences between tech or agile business analysts and quality product owners.

Developing talent pools of specialised product owners across all industries and sectors ensures that our product recruiters can both highlight and deliver candidates that genuinely own a product; handling road maps, sprints and feature needs.

One aspect that makes recruiting product owners difficult can be the generic nature of the CV with many of the top product owners failing to differentiate themselves, so our team of recruiters have conversations with a vast variety of candidates to understand best what is behind a CV or LinkedIn profile to identify top product talent.

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A standard issue our clients find when hiring directly or through internal teams are BA’s looking to become product owners or those looking to transition to a product manager. Developing talent pools specifically of great product owners ensures that irrespective of product type whether it be B2B or B2C our product owner recruiters can deliver to client demands.

More recently a common request has been to assist in finding technical product owners with a background as a QA, software dev or technical SME for a specific industry. We know that technical product owners are tough to find and it is our talent pools of these hard to find experts that lead to the team being recognised as one of the best product owner recruitment teams in the UK.

While we are a Product Owner Recruitment Agency based in London, we do secure talent across the UK, and Europe and our dedicated team of Product Owner recruiters will ensure you get the talent you need and the career or project you deserve!

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