No two days are the same and it's extremely fast-paced. The rewards are there and it's great being part of such a successful team!

Having completed his Masters in Business Management, Adam joined the team at the start of 2018 coming through the Graduate assessment scheme and is currently on the Fast Track Academy working as a contracts consultants in the User Experience division.

Describe an average day on the academy program.

I'm sure everyone says this, but there really is no such thing as an average day in recruitment! Each day presents new challenges and opportunities but the main activities include networking with new and existing candidates and clients to uncover opportunities where your candidates may suit.

What is it about recruitment that you liked the look of?

To be honest, primarily it was the earning potential. I had some friends that had gone into recruitment and they all thought I should go for it. The fast progression and chance to open new offices overseas is really exciting and isn't something you would normally see in any other business.

How would you describe the culture you have found working at Consortia?

The people; there is an eclectic mix of characters from different backgrounds. Despite the differences, the team gel together really well and most of all make me cry with laughter every day.

Whats the team like at Consortia?

It's a really good mix as there are so many senior consultants and managers around you it gives you a chance to learn and pick up a lot of different strategies.

What are the challenges of your job?

There is a lot to juggle including keeping up to date with clients, candidates and market information/trends.

How have you enjoyed the Academy program so far?

The mix of both on the job training and the call coaching have meant I felt confident quicker. The training is extensive and there is a lot to cover. Juggling the job and training can be difficult!

What tips would you give someone starting out in their first recruitment job?

If you are really keen on getting into recruitment then throw everything into it from the interview to the training program. I've heard some horror stories about other firms so definitely do your research and hopefully, I'll see you here!

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