My colleagues are, without a doubt, the best thing about Consortia. Everyone works together to ensure we are delivering the best results.

Omar Bakali joined Consortia with 4 years of recruitment experience and hasn't disappointed since he has arrived. Working with FTSE100 clients as well as SMEs, Omar is an integral part to many clients recruitment process.

Describe an average day at Consortia

An average day at Consortia for me is a day where I work collaboratively with my colleagues to ensure we are delivering the possible service to our existing candidates and clients and to develop new relationships.

What is it about recruitment that you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the fact that it gives you a strong understanding of how businesses operate day to day, also how your progression is completely in your hands.

What is the best thing about working at Consortia?

My colleagues, without doubt, everyone works together to ensure we are delivering the best results.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Personally, for me, it is when ensure you secure the client the perfect candidate and the candidate the perfect role.

What are the challenges of your job?

Recruitment can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but it is how you overcome those emotions and become a better consultant

How does this role differ from ones you’ve had in the past?

My previous company was a large organisation in comparison to Consortia, however I love the start-up feel and growing something that could be a phenomenon within the recruitment industry.

What is your proudest achievement so far?

For me hitting the year end incentive within 3 months of joining the business, what a weekend in the French riveria!