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As a user interface and user experience recruitment agency, we speak to an array of clients and candidates in the ui and ux market every day. If you are in the process of hiring, or looking to retain existing talent, we can help. As trusted recruiters for UX Design Jobs, we can provide insight from a vast range of working environments.

Hiring good UX Designers never stops

UX recruitment is no easy feat, and companies who hire UX designers reactively struggle. Successful companies are constantly expanding the outreach of their branding. They do this by asking their employees to share experiences through social media, placing articles or interviews in tech publications and writing blogs. By building and engaging a community of people who know what your business stands for, when you do need to hire, it will be much easier.

Be clear

As a client looking for a new hire, clarity is of the utmost importance; in terms of what to expect from the environment, role and remuneration or benefits. Being open about how the rest of the business views the UX function is also necessary, as some candidates may be more suited to “selling in” to the company than others.

Provide value

A lot of thought goes into why a customer would buy your product or services – so too, should an equal amount of thought go into why a candidate would want to join you.

Whilst salary and benefits are important, that’s not what will separate you from the competition, nor will table tennis or free lunches. Candidates are interested in the culture, environment and want to know about the people they’ll be working for and around. 

In fact, in an employee value survey on UX professionals by LinkedIn, 67% of respondents ranked having a “good work-life balance” as one of the top 5 important things about working life, and 55% of respondents (the second highest) felt that “colleagues and culture that inspires employees to do their best” was one of the top 5 most important aspects of their working environment.

Reward Commitment 

On a freelance basis, User Experience professionals want to feel that they are part of the team and that they can have a big impact on the project. Given the nature of the freelance UX market, UX practitioners want to come away with a story of the impact they have had on projects to expand their portfolios. They will continue to return for interesting, portfolio-boosting projects.

Where contractors have their wings clipped and are unable to affect change, or where they are left on the bench, they will often look to move on to a new project. Long-term contracts with a 4-week notice period is also advised to retain the best UX talent. 

On the contrary, within the permanent market, it is vital to give permanent user experience professionals interesting projects to keep them engaged and closer to their next career milestone. We often hear from unsatisfied permanent talent that freelancers are being given the new, exciting projects, and permanent staff are given business as usual tasks. To keep your employees happy you need to keep your ux design team structure fair.

Be visible

Have you got a company profile page on LinkedIn or a way to showcase your company’s culture? What happens when people search your company name: Are your vacancies in the most accessible place, and where you want them to be seen?

Skill Up

Candidates want to learn new skills and ways of working, so if you are implementing new skills or ways of working, you should be shouting it from the rooftop of your adverts and job specifications. Keep in the loop on what the market it saying: If you haven’t heard of ‘design sprints’ already, or tried implementing them into your business, now may be the time to try, considering that people with this skill has grown by 366% in the past 12 months*.

Move fast

With so many companies climbing over each other in a race to sign up the best design talent, companies who have interview processes that take longer than two weeks will continually miss out. Equally, the best talent is already working for someone else – so companies that can be flexible with interviewing people on weekends/evenings will always stand out and look more attractive.

As one of the leading recruiters for UX researcher jobs, as well as other areas of UI UX Design, we ensure we make the process as easy as possible for our clients and candidates alike. Our UI UX Recruitment affords us great insight into what works for both candidates and clients. Consulting with the client on what’s required to keep the candidate happy is part of where we excel. We establish career progression opportunities with the role offer, and match with the perfect candidate to ensure two happy parties. We are trusted recruiters for ux design jobs and place high-calibre candidates in UX UI design jobs for our clients. Hear what our clients say.

*LinkedIn Insights


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