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Finding yourself short on time? You’re not the only one. Research suggests that employees in the UK are increasingly putting in more hours to get their work done, even at the risk of their own health. As a Product Manager, it can be hard to juggle your product strategies, roadmaps, production, marketing, and forecasting, but there is a solution.

Product management tools are a positive way to help you work smarter. If you run a simple Google search for “product management tools” you’ll return around 33 million results! So, to help you wade through the masses, we’ve compiled our 10 top Product Management tools that you and your business may want to try:

1. Targetprocess

For a visual and flexible product management tool, give Targetprocess a try. It allows you to create visual timelines, plan with boards, create custom reports, submit development requests, track task progress and more. It even integrates with more than 85 apps, for easier collaboration and management. You can access it whilst on the go, via your mobile and NHS, Vaio and Vodafone are amongst some of its key users.

2. Aha!

With over 100,000 users, Aha! is the world’s #1 product roadmap software. The tool allows you to set out your strategy, capture ideas from customers and colleagues, set projects, create roadmaps that can easily be shared with your team, create reports, plus, integrate it with lots of different third-party applications you already use, to make it even easier and more effective. The good news is, you can try the tool for free, with a 30-day trial. Business such as BBC, LinkedIn and Dell are already using it.

3. Wrike

For a successful product launch that meets deadlines, everyone must work together effectively. With Wrike’s features, you can improve your team’s collaboration and create tasks that you can prioritise and assign to different employees, which you can then easily track progress for, in real-time. It’s great for teams whether they’re in the office, spread across the globe, or on the go. It’s even used by businesses such as HootSuite, Fitbit and Hawaiian Airlines.

4. dapulse

With the help of dapulse, an effective project management tool, you can manage your workload and communications, all from one visual board. Easily add tasks, start conversations with your team, manage your time effectively, connect with popular apps and stay up-to-date, even whilst on the go. Uber, Wix and Adidas are just some of their key customers.

5. Trello

A popular project management tool, that can also be used for product management is Trello. Whiteboards can be replaced with Trello’s online boards which are easy to manage and utilise. Tasks can be moved around, assigned to different people, and shared across teams. There is currently a large range of product teams using Trello, including Google, Adobe, Pixar, and National Geographic.

6. TaskQue

When managing a product portfolio, you’ll often find yourself working with lots of different people and managing many tasks all at once. A tool such as TaskQue can really help to get everything under control. You can easily assign tasks to team members based on available resources and you can even track their progress.

7. productboard

Make sure you create products that people actually want. With productboard, you can consolidate all your user feedback and research into one place. You can then pick out insights, prioritise what to build and create your roadmap.

8. OneDesk

Streamline your product management process with the help of OneDesk. This simple tool helps you to capture ideas and feature requests from customers and team members, create product roadmaps, stay in the loop throughout activities and much more.

9. ProdPad

ProdPad is a popular tool, used by businesses including Disney, Target, Deloitte and eBay. It enables you to keep everyone informed with the help of product roadmaps. You can prioritise ideas and even understand what your customers really want by bringing in their feedback and suggestions.

10. Planio

When building a product, your information can all too often be in lots of different locations. However, Planio is an all-in-one solution, where everything is in one, simple to manage place. You can track issues, track progress, store files, share learnings, communicate effectively and work from anywhere, on any device. Businesses such as Software AG, Allianz and Citrix already use the tool, but if you’re not sure, you can try it out for free, for 30 days.

Of course, this is just a very small selection of tools that are available and there are new tools being created all of the time. However, if you’re new to the industry or just want to explore your options, this list is a good place to start!

Are there any other product management tools that you enjoy using not mentioned here? Tweet us @Consortia to let us know. If it's jobs you're after, be sure to check all of our available product management roles here.

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