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The global pandemic has led to a significant boost in tech jobs all across the globe. With remote work and newer technologies on the rise, tech giants need the best of the best. However, ITPro shares that IT executives fear a talent shortage will be a barrier to emerging tech. 

That's why quality education that adapts to this rise in tech is necessary. But with so many strong MBA programs out there, it may be hard to find relevant ones with a focus in tech. 

For that reason, here we provide you with a list of some of the best UK based MBAs for tech. 

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

  • Tuition: £61,000
  • Duration: One year full time

This intensive one-year programme follows the traditional Cambridge teaching style of discussion and debate. As well as focusing on the usual core areas of an MBA you can also take the concentration area of digital transformation and enjoy immersing yourself in the global consulting project, the highlight of the whole programme for many, to get ahead in the tech industry.


Imperial College Business School

  • Tuition: from £42,000 to £61,000
  • Duration: as little as one year

The Imperial College is one of the top five schools in Europe. They have consistently ranked highly for a decade now.

You can complete their program in one year going full-time. Part-time programs are available as well. 

After progressing through the core courses, you can select from a wide array of electives. Many of them let you integrate into the STEM side of Imperial.


University of Aberdeen Business School

  • Tuition: £13,300
  • Duration: two years part-time, one year full-time

The Business School at Aberdeen is one of the elite schools in the UK. It's also one of the best schools for MBA graduates to find jobs.

Their programs can be done online part-time with the global MBA, or part-time or full-time in-person with their energy management or business analytics concentrations.


London Business School

  • Tuition: £97,500 for the whole program
  • Duration: 15-21 months

Financial Times ranked the London Business School second in business school rankings. 92% of graduates find jobs thanks to this MBA.

For a tech-focused curriculum, you'll want to look at their management science and operations or finance concentrations.


Coventry University

  • Tuition: up to £15,450
  • Duration: can be completed in two years

Coventry University ranks as one of the best MBA programs in the region. It has ranked in the top 250 ranking for best MBA programs in the world. If you desire to study globally or get some experience doing work remotely, Coventry University has consecutively ranked 1st in the UK for overseas experience.

Their tech MBA programs include concentrations in cyber security management, artificial intelligence, and international human resource management. If money is tight, but you want to pursue an MBA this might be the route to take. 


MIT Sloan School of Management

  • Tuition: $78,954
  • Duration: full-time, two years

MIT is one of the most prestigious schools across the globe, and rightfully so. According to their employee report, graduates of their MBA program have been hired at tech giants like Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, and Google. 

Their tech MBA programs include concentrations in finance or entrepreneurship and innovation. 

MIT is located in Cambridge, MA, USA; but there are online programs available. Some include their MicroMasters programs.

Best MBA for Tech

To gain a solid career in the technology industry, you don't need an MBA but it can certainly help to complement experience or in some cases, make up for the lack of it. Whether you are hoping to become a product manager or are currently a CEO within a tech giant these UK schools provide top-tier education to improve and develop your knowledge to the next level.

Explore each of these schools to see which program would be best for your career goals. After you've found your program, reach out to us and let us know what you thought.

Whether you are looking for advice on furthering your career or looking to move jobs we are always happy to help.


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