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A motivated team is a happy team and the key to the success of your business. We’ve all seen and heard of the amazing incentives offered by the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter; free food, booze and gym memberships to name but a few, but how can non-global enterprises offer employees incentives without breaking the bank? Here's a few ideas to get you started...

1. Day Off Pass

Take any day off, no questions asked; it was going to be taken as a sick day anyway so isn't it better your team can be honest with you?

2. Summer Time Hours 

In good old blighty we know all too well how limited the sunshine can be. A great way to incentivise your team is to offer an early start or finish flexi-time policy for staff to fully enjoy those summer days to the full!

3. Snooze Away

Birthdays, the day after the night before or Blue Monday. Allow your employees to snooze to their hearts content and be in for 10am to start the day feeling refreshed and energised.

4. Double Down Lunch Passes

Give your employees the option for an extended lunch break, twice a year either for a special occasion, or just to catch up with friends or run personal errands.

5. Save the Date

Everyone has at least one ‘I won't miss it’ event for friends or family. Give your staff the option to take an early leave for a special event without losing precious holiday.

6. Giving Back to the Community

Offering your employees the chance to partake in local charity events or volunteering days once per year is a great way to give back to the community, provide your employees with memorable experience and also help build the reputation of your brand.

7. Early finish 

We could all do with an extra hour here and there, whether it’s to grab an early train and miss the mad rush or to grab the weekly shop before the supermarket becomes flooded with the 5pm shoppers. Consider offering the option of an early finish one day per week to your employees, even if by half an hour or an hour to give an extra boost to the oh so important work/life balance.

Many of these free incentives are often offered without a second thought by managers keen to keep a loyal, committed and hard-to-find team, but what's often missed is the buy-in the incentive generates.  When the headhunt call comes (and it will) a tracked incentive is just that, an incentive, not flexibility on a manager’s part and one which someone will not want to give up and could be the difference in your employees looking around or looking up!

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