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For a long time, product management roles have been male-dominated. However, in 2021, as the world moves toward a more equitable composition in its principal leadership roles, an increasing number of women are becoming leaders in the product management market. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field or you simply have an interest, here are some of the top product leaders that you should be following.


1) Jenny Wolochow

A senior product manager at the learning hub, Coursera, Jenny is at the forefront of the drive towards incorporating technology into education to improve services. With more than 20 million members at Coursera, Jenny is a pioneer within female leadership in the tech sector.


2) Inga Chen

Inga, a Senior Product Manager at Spotify, specialises in personalisation and discovery at the music streaming service. As the leader of the New York sector of the Women In Product group, she constantly demonstrates how strong female leadership works in practice.


 3) Aunkita Nandi

Aunkita has demonstrated versatile and flexible leadership while working as both the Managing Director and Product Manager at the web development company, Tier5 Technology Solutions. Constantly channelling her entrepreneurial energy, she helps other businesses to build success themselves.


4) Kris McKee

Having proven her management prowess globally, including in the US, UK, Asia and Africa, Kris is a product manager at SaaS platform, Optimizely. Her array of varied experiences makes her a female trendsetter in product management and leadership. She is undoubtedly a role model for other women and girls who are hoping to work their way up the corporate ladder in this sector.


5) Christine Lee

One of the founders of Women In Product, Christine has worked in a variety of product management roles before finally settling into her current role as the Director of Product Management at GoDaddy. With more than 20 million members globally, her job is essential to improving services for those customers.


6) Ariane Klajzyngier

A senior product manager at the digital transformation company, Publicis Sapient, Ariane has built her experience and reputation across various fields. Originally from France, Ariane has international ties, inspiring other women across many continents.


7) Julie Zhuo


A successful author of the inspiring book The Making of a Manager and former product design VP at the technology giant Facebook, Julie motivates others in their career progression. She is full of insightful and motivational help for aspiring female leaders.


8) Maggie Crowley

A former member of the US Olympic team, Maggie has a host of transferable skills that have pioneered success in both the sports and business world. Having gained a wealth of experience as an analyst and business strategist, she is a Director of Product Management at the online platform Drift.


All the women in product on this list are pioneers in their field, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. Moreover, many other women could equally find a place on this list as they drive change in their respective sectors. Who is your favourite inspirational female leader in product management?


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