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Which data science podcasts are worth your time?

Open your mind, develop your career, hear from experts in your field.

A good data science podcast can give you all of that.  And you won’t even have to set foot in a conference room.

Without taking up too much of your valuable time, these data science podcasts can give you educational, up-to-date content and discussion, wherever you choose.

Here are our top nine data science podcasts - help us find number 10!

  1. DataFramed

The 21st century data science industry is growing fast, but its exact definition is evolving and difficult to pin down. 

Rather than trying to carve out a definition, DataCamp and Hugo Bowne-Anderson focus on the potential of data science to solve problems and consider its impact on anything from medicine to transport to climate change. 

A good one for beginners, leaders and anyone in between.

  1. Data Skeptic

A succession of thoughtful interviews and discussions on data science, machine learning, statistics and artificial intelligence, this learned podcast is sure to broaden your thinking.

Opinion is divided on the effectiveness of Kyle and his co-host, but overall, we think it’s worth a listen.  What do you think?  Comment below.

  1. Super Data Science

Pursuing a career in data science?  Then this one’s for you. 

Data science coach and lifestyle entrepreneur, Kirill Eremenko, hosts inspirational data scientists and analysts from around the world, providing a unique insight on how to fast-track your career.

  1. Linear Digressions

Whether you’re vaguely interested or an expert yourself, the Linear Digressions podcast has plenty to offer when it comes to data science and machine learning.

Educational with a touch of entertainment, you’re guaranteed to gain an understanding of the endless potential of machine learning.

  1. Data Science at Home

Hosted by Francesco Gadaleta, this discerning podcast brings you solo episodes as well as interviews with leading figures in the data science world.

With accessible ideas about machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms, this one will be good company on your commute.

  1. DataHack Radio

Listen in to conversations between Kunal Jain and leading figures from the data science and machine learning industries.

Produced by Analytics Vidhya, this is a must-listen for all data science practitioners.

  1. Data Crunch

Behind every piece of data there’s a story.

Data Crunch explores the effects of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning on the world around us.  Tune in to this comprehensive narrative and gain insight into the highs, lows and impacts of these leading technologies.

  1. Data Futurology Podcast

Highly experienced data science executive, Felipe Flores, talks to industry experts from across the data-sphere, exploring the human and leadership side of artificial intelligence.  An interesting angle.

  1. Data Stories

This one’s all about how data affects our lives. 

Focussing on data visualisation and analytics, specialists Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner ask weekly guests astute questions that inspire engaging discussions.  A real ear-opener!

Which podcasts have been worth your time? 

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