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They say that we never stop learning, so we asked Agile Coaches to share their favourite agile books to help you be at the top of your game. 


Here are ten of the agile books that you need to read to help advance your agile leadership. What are your favourites?


1. The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier

One of the top selling coaching books this century, selling over 700,000 copies, The Coaching Habit, is the perfect book to start with if you're looking to learn about agile leadership. Labelled as the number one leader in thought coaching, Bungay Stanier is an authority in leadership behaviour and has worked with organisations across the globe.


2. Leadership and Self Deception by Arbinger

If you think that you know everything there is to know about agile leadership, pick up this book and be prepared to think again. This book delves into our own biggest drawback - our own self-deception - and how to overcome this so that you can fulfil your true potential.


3. Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf

These essays were originally written over 25 years ago, but that doesn't stop them from remaining a cutting-edge look at Greenleaf's idea of servant leadership. If you're over quick fixes, this book looks at ethical, collaborative techniques that bring about real changes.


4. LoonShots by Safi Bahcall

If you're the kind of person that's always coming up with ideas that are deemed too 'out there', this is the book for you. Bahcall looks at how companies can grow when they decide to embrace those crazy ideas you may have given up on before.


5. Engineering the Digital Transformation by Gary Gruver

A common misconception is that implementing the latest software and technologies will deliver instant improvements to any business, so why is it that you've upgraded systems to no avail? Gruver focuses on the principles for correctly implementing new software and strategies in a way that works for your business.


6. Making Work Visible by Dominica DeGrandis

We're a society that is getting more and more overworked. With days jam-packed with meetings, a never-ending inbox and countless late nights to catch up on to-do lists, it's hard to be efficient with a team on the verge of burnout. DeGrandis examines the real culprit (time theft) and how we can combat this to use our time wisely and productively.


7. The Phoenix Project by Kim, Spafford and Behr

This book is often referred to as a compulsory read for anyone in agile leadership. Interestingly, this book is a novel that focuses on a company launching a new IT initiative that's over budget and behind schedule. It makes for an easy, entertaining and informative read.


8. The Leader's Guide to Radical Management by Steve Denning

Denning is an award-winning author who is guaranteed to spark productivity and innovation with his unique approach to management. Rethinking the basic principles, Denning outlines management strategies for the 21st century.


9. Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren et al

Dr Forsgren, along with Jez Humble and Gene Kim, spent years researching how technology can drive businesses forward. In Accelerate, they present their ground-breaking findings, all backed up with science.


10. Sooner Safer Happier by Jonathan Smart

In Sooner Safer Happier, Smart provides you with a blueprint to become a world-leading organisation. Establish better ways of working across all teams so that you can all grow together.


There you have it. Before you begin or progress your agile leadership career, be sure to read a mix of these books first. If you've already beaten us to it and read all of these agile books already then don't worry we'll be adding a new list to expand on your professional development further later in the year! 

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