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As a product manager, you know that your job is pivotal to the success of a company. But what does it really take to be successful in this role? According to our clients, there are nine key things that set top product managers apart from the rest. If you're looking to become a leading product manager yourself, make sure you focus on these essentials!

Know every stage of the lifecycle inside out. 

From Ideation to Experimentation, Incubation to Development, Delivery and Post Production. To be a top Product Manager you'll need drive and a push for experience to get to this level.


Learn and Learn and Learn

The top product managers need to love technology. That love needs to help inspire a desire to consume more information about new tech, DevOps, and delivering a product, not just the lifecycle itself.


Be resolute in your decisions that drive the product vision

Being self-assured will undoubtedly mean you'll sometimes be an unpopular Product Manager. You will always get push-back where there is change, but you won't make any impact with a flakey attitude. 


Follow the Data!

That said, make sure your product management decisions are based on knowledge, not assumption. Listen to the objective and subjective data and what the evidence tells you. Retain a flexible attitude to change as the evidence bends and takes new paths. 


Become a Data Scientist

The ability to gather and interpret data successfully is essential to being top of your product management game; it will drive product vision. 


Know your customers, as well as your business

A product needs to generate value, so you need to be an expert in the business but equally, knowing the customer inside out is central to success. 


Design insightful experiments

Set yourself apart by designing and running insightful experiments to provide the data you need for an effective product. 


Stay user-centric

Keep your focus on the problems before you jump ahead to finding solutions. This way, you end up at the right solution and not a perceived one.


Be Lean and Agile 

Understand the difference between agile principles and agile practices. It's essential to understand why the principles matter so you can adapt the practices where required. 


If you want to go from being a great product manager to a top product manager, it will take dedication, determination, and much passion, but the rewards can be huge! Get in touch today for more about product management roles that could take you to the next level in your career. 

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