Scroll to top continues to grow at an alarming pace with over 35 million users worldwide. We’ve picked out the best meetups in Europe within User Experience. (Some of the UX Design Meetups are free meetups but you may have to purchase tickets for others.)  The meetups below take different forms and will vary in set up and frequency.

  1. Ladies that UX - Amsterdam
    “Ladies that UX Amsterdam is a welcoming and inclusive community that aims to promote female talent and increase female visibility. Our community is inclusive to all backgrounds, gender, age, race, and expertise.”

    This UX design meetup is a great way for women in the UX community in Amsterdam to share ideas with like-minded people in a casual and relaxed environment.

  2. Berlin User Experience Designers - Berlin

    “Berlin UXD is a group for user experience design professionals, who want to meet other colleagues and get new input for their daily work. At every Meetup, we talk about a new aspect of UX design. We think UX design holistically and do not only touch more central topics such as interaction design or testing, but also related fields like brand identity, storytelling, prototyping or service design.”

    One of the biggest and best meetups in Berlin, this free meetup covers practical advice as well as looking at the bigger picture in relation to UX and UI Design. Depending on the focus, some meetup sessions may be more relevant to you than others. 
  3. Flupa - Paris, France

    “Flupa is the French-speaking association of user experience professionals (founded in 2008). The objectives of Flupa ( ) are to create a network of professionals to exchange practices related to Usability, User Experience (UX) and User-Centered Design (UCC). Also to promote the practice of User Experience (UX) to the general public and professionals in the field of Information and Communication.”

    This is great for French-speaking UXers looking for support in evangelising the practice amongst the wider company. 

  4. Start-ups. UX. Design. - London, United Kingdom

    “This is a meet up for business and start-ups looking to learn more and collaborate in London. We’ll be offering advice and guidance from industry experts on UX, digital marketing, design and development. Through frequent, affordable events and effective in-house training, we share good practices and techniques across the UX industry.”

    This is a large meetup geared towards start-ups specifically. Offering practical advice, this meetup may be useful for those in the start-up stage. Do note, this is not a free meetup, but the reviews say it is worth it!
  5. Ironhack Lisbon - Lisbon, Portugal

    “Calling all technology enthusiasts! Beginner, tech professional or just curious, it doesn't matter: everyone is welcome. Ironhack is a leading tech school. We offer boot camps in Web-Development, UX/UI Design and Data Analytics.”

    Positioned more towards a junior angle, this free meetup appeals to those wanting to try out new and different techniques in taster sessions. It could be a good option if you are looking to foray into a new discipline.  

  6. Stockholm UX Writing & Content Design - Stockholm, Sweden

    “This group is for UX writers, content designers, content strategists, copywriters, interaction designers, and anyone who writes words that help people do things. We meet every few months in Stockholm to learn and share methods, creativity, and wisdom, from introductory workshops to advanced techniques. We welcome writers of any level, and yes, we’re looking for contributors. Consider this your call to action.”

    These events are held in English and specific to UX Writers and Content Designers. Some knowledge of design or development processes will help you, but this isn’t necessary.

    Some UK-based meetups we recommend:

  7. Cambridge Usability Group
  8. UX Reading
  9. RED Academy (London)
  10. UX Sanctuary (London)
  11. Cambridge Sketch
  12. The Design Review (Oxford)
  13. User Research Huddle (London)
  14. Design Thinking (Oxford)
  15. Women in Product Management, UX, UI and Design (London)
  16. Remote Design Sprint (Online)
  17. Designing Health (London)
  18. UCD Bristol
  19. UX Wales (Cardiff)
  20. UKMK (Milton Keynes)

These UX design meetups are some of the best we’ve been recommended by our clients and candidates. Please share any suggestions you may have that aren’t included, or if you have any information on meetup best practices that you have seen and want to share, please do. 



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