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Recruitment is a fast-paced industry where expectations and pressure can build, so we understand we need to prioritise for the health and well-being of everyone within our company.

Here's what we are doing:

First Line of Defence: Mental Health First Aiders

Mental health needs to move beyond just a buzzword; it's at the heart of our well-being. So, we're proud to say as a group, we’ve invested £10,000 to train a team of internal Mental Health First Aiders. These mental health heroes lend a listening ear, offer advice, and can guide towards further specialist support. 

Their presence also sends a clear message: Talking about mental health at work is a positive thing.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

In addition to our Mental Health First Aiders, we have a solid EAP platform and mobile app that offers services to tackle a vast range of personal and work-related problems. Whether stress over workload or personal issues at home, the program ensures you've got a trained professional to chat with and work through the problems so that no one feels alone. 

We're making sure everyone knows about it, too! With a series of information campaigns, we're highlighting to everyone that support is there whenever needed.

Health and Wellbeing Access

Mental well-being goes together with physical health, so to help, we’ve continued our investment in the Pirkx portal.

While there are money-saving features for gyms and classes, it isn't just about discounts. The portal connects our colleagues with trained mental health practitioners as well as allows them and their families to access private medical appointments.

Better Quality Workspaces

It's not all about apps and programs. We've also ensured our workspaces are bright and inviting and work with positive mental health with plenty of complimentary teas, coffees, fruit and water stations to stay hydrated and healthy.

Beyond the feeling of the space, we also promote groups and talks that bring teams together like Run Talk Run and host talks such as the recent series from Nick Elson “Talking Anxiety” held at our Bristol, UK office.


Quarterly Mental Health Days

Shortly following the pandemic and the return to work, we launched quarterly mental health half-days, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our team has ensured they're here to stay. These unique half-days encourage team members to enjoy some time off or participate in a varied selection of group activities, offering a break from work and never linked to success or incentives. From kayaking to escape rooms, we've designed these outings to foster an inclusive environment that moves beyond traditional office nights out or achievers’ trips - and the feedback has been fantastic. It's our way of balancing a fast-paced work life with moments to take time out and strengthen our team unity, contributing to a healthier, more productive workspace.

Making a Bigger Impact

Our commitment to health and well-being continues beyond our office doors. It's a big part of our culture and desire to make a difference in the wider world.

As more businesses globally acknowledge the importance of well-being, we strive to set a genuine example, demonstrating the influence a company can have on its ommunity, especially in our high-stress sectors like recruitment.

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