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While an enviable salary and good benefits are desirable, finding an environment where you enjoy going to work can make all those other things seem unnecessary as time goes by! 

It appears that the Millenials have got at least one thing right. They have long been prioritising work culture over other job-seeking factors and potentially been why 'work culture' has become such a buzzword over the last few years. So if you're a millennial, then well done you - if not, maybe it's time to learn from this generation!  

Studies show that 46% of job seekers put company culture high on essential company values. But what should you look out for and where?

Consortia now have over a decade of experience matching talented professionals to varying work cultures across the globe. So we decided to put our knowledge, tips and tricks together and compile these four top tips for helping you to find the best work culture fit for your personality in your next workplace search.


1) Make Sure You Have the Ability to Learn and Develop

Whether you are looking to move within UX, product, data or development, we know that for most of you, developing your skills and progressing your careers is a high priority. In which case you'll want to make sure you find a company culture that will nurture your growth and development. 

Look for a company that offers opportunities for continuing education, job shadowing, and paid professional development courses. 

These opportunities will allow you to develop new skills and knowledge, making you more valuable to the company. In addition, a company that invests in its employees' development is more likely to promote from within, giving you a better chance of advancing your career. 

When considering a potential employer, enquire about their commitment to employee growth and use websites like Glassdoor to see what former employees have said about working there. Did they stay stagnant, or did they have the ability to explore other challenges?


2) A working hours policy can give a lot away about culture.

A company offering a more flexible approach to work may be a good indicator of raised levels of trust. 

Check the job description for mentions of work-life balance. Remote working options and Flexi hours are an obvious starting point, but checking for hints of glorifying hustle culture within the person specification is equally telling. 

It can be a good indicator of whether heads will be turning if you leave at 5 minutes to rather than 5 minutes past. 

It's not to say this style of company culture is negative - some of our candidates love the pressure and a challenging work environment, but you need to know beforehand that this is what you're entering! 


3) Pay Attention to How Success Is Recognised 

Don't ignore the importance of recognising success within a workplace to ensure continued morale and staff retention. You can have a company full of brilliant minds, but those brilliant minds will lose steam and stagnate in a place where innovations, ideas, and designs get ignored. 

Look out for what rewards or incentives are on offer to staff. Does the company offer bonuses? What about promotions and upward mobility? How did other higher-ups get to where they are now? Where did they get their start in the company? Does the company celebrate staff on LinkedIn or in another way? 

These are all questions you should ask directly or do some digging!


4) Are Your Coworkers Team Players?

There is always a difference in employee positions and the hierarchy within a business. But the ability to participate and have your voice heard shouldn't be exclusive to the higher-ups.

Consider the following questions: 

Does that company value participation from all employees? Does this come into consideration when important decisions are made? Are employees respectful? Free of subconscious racial or gender bias (or any other bias)?

You have to spend most of your time with the people in this company. It's important to know that you'll be treated fairly while there.

Whether you find out from the interview process or Glassdoor reviews, this is one thing to think about.


Looking for a Company Culture You Can Be Proud Of?

Choosing the best company culture isn't a one size fits all. It requires self-assessment first and then some detective work to find whether the company will meet your needs. 

When a job looks perfect on paper, it can be all too easy to ignore the cultural side, but in terms of work satisfaction, follow in the footsteps of the Millenials and put it high on your priority list.

If you'd like help finding a new place to work with a culture that suits your needs, Consortia can help. 

Whether you are looking for product, UX, data or development jobs within the US, UK or EU, we are currently helping companies across the globe to grow their technology teams. 


Take a look at our active jobs or call one of our team today. 

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