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We've put together a series of IR35 videos with our partners at QDOS to help answer the more common IR35 questions we get asked. 

Check out the video at the bottom for an in-depth answer or if easier give the team a call on 0203 3974565 and find out how your company can ensure its IR35 compliant?

If you want an overview here's an excerpt from the video;

When it comes to IR35 you need to consider both the contractual relationships that you have as well as the working reality of contracting working practices.

In those contractual relationships, you'll need to consider the arrangements between you as a client and each of your suppliers as well as the individual contractors.

For organisations that have multiple agencies having Consortia to manage all of the compliance, payrolling and overseeing the contractual supply can solve a lot of headaches.

Last April saw a dramatic increase in the numbers of clients engaging with Consortia as a strategic partner who effectively takes away that compliance and supply chain compliance and due diligence away from the client and does all of that on their behalf.

Another option is to manage the contractors directly and engage the likes of a Qdos and get help with the review of contractual chains, to check for inconsistencies between the upper-tier contract and that lower-tier contract.


The Headlines:

Make sure that from an IR35 perspective contracts are as robust as they possibly can be and ensuring that they are reflective of true working practices.

When HMRC consider IR35 you’re talking about compliance, contracts play a really big party in that process. It's not the be-all or end-all but largely that’s the starting point for HMRC.

Consortia offer a complete solution for; contractor management, payroll, IR35 compliance and a full audit trail.


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