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In the tech industry, competition for talent is stiff. We are finding that many hiring managers are looking for new ways to attract high-end tech professionals, especially in product and UX. 

But the workforce is changing, and not just because of COVID-19. Gen Z now makes up around a third of the global population, and they are growing up. Whether you're looking to hire more Product managers that resonate with the younger consumer base or need a team of UX designers with the insights of the upcoming users, you'll want to make attracting Gen Z talent a priority.


Who are Gen Z

Born between 1995 and 2012, Gen Z is an important target market. They are already making waves in the tech world, poised to take over as the dominant force in the years to come. If you want to tap into this pool of potential employees, you need to know how to appeal to them. Here are some tips on luring Gen Z talent into your tech business.


Traditional Companies Have Some Changes to Make

Generation Z has different expectations of their workplace compared to previous generations. They grew (and are still growing) up in another period and have faced different challenges, cultivating a different outlook on the workplace.

They value work-life balance and well-being highly and are not as concerned with company reputation or status. Gen Z also wants to work for socially responsible companies that positively impact the world. They're willing to sacrifice pay for these things, making them very different from previous generations. Businesses need to understand these changes to attract and retain the best talent. Those that don't adapt will find it increasingly difficult to compete.

The traditional office does not match what Gen Z expects from the workplace. Though we've already seen a massive shift in dress codes, with many companies moving away from formal workwear and suits to 'smart casual', Gen Z will need it to go one step further. They see work as a way to express their individuality, not conform to someone else's idea of what is professional. This generation has noticed that formalities and titles do not always equate to success, and they are more interested in results than appearances. 

Equally, the big desk and the fancy office will not lure in Gen Z talent. They see work as something they can do from anywhere and won't be tied to one location.


Get Ready for a More Open and Honest Discussions Than Ever Before

Gen Z are interested in parts of work that are more challenging to discuss, such as company culture, mentorship opportunities, and career growth potential. In other words, they are looking for a workplace that is more than just a 9-to-5 job. This generation wants a place where they can learn and grow and feel like they are part of something larger than themselves. 

Mental health issues are on the rise among young people. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly one in five teenagers suffers from mental health issues. That's why it's so crucial for employers to provide benefits that support the mental health of Gen Zers as they start to come through. Paid time off, mental-health days, and activities that create a sense of community can all help to reduce stress levels and promote well-being. By investing in the mental health of their employees, employers can not only improve productivity and morale but also make a lasting difference in the lives of young people. There is no room for ignoring mental health or sweeping it under the carpet for Generation Z! 


Commit to Making a Real Difference

As the world becomes increasingly connected, young people are becoming more aware of global issues. And they want to see companies and employers taking action to address these problems. To win the hearts of Gen Z, businesses will need do more than pay lip service to important issues like sustainability, climate change, and world poverty. Companies must demonstrate their commitment to these issues through their actions. This could include supporting sustainable initiatives, investing in green technologies, or partnering with organizations and charities that positively impact the world. By taking concrete steps to address societal challenges, businesses can show the new workforce that they are committed to making a difference in the world.


Create Meaningful Roles with Clear Expectations 

Most members of Gen Z want to work hard and make a difference in their companies, but they first want a clear description of their responsibilities. They do not want to do work outside of their role — so whether UX, Product or Development, they want specificity and accountability from management. To gain the trust and respect of this generation, managers need to be clear about expectations and hold employees accountable for meeting them. When members of Gen Z feel like they are doing meaningful work that aligns with their goals and values, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated. Therefore, managers need to create an environment where Gen Z employees can thrive.


Review Pay and Avoid Inequality

It's no secret that income inequality is a significant worldwide issue. In fact, Gen Z is now the most diverse generation in history. They're very aware of diversity and equality, and equitable pay rates are high on their agenda.

This generation knows that if they work hard and fight for what's fair, they'll eventually be able to create the kind of world they want to live in. After all, this generation will shape the future, making it a better place for everyone – not just those at the top.


How to Attract Top Tech Talent? Resonate With Them

An excellent way to attract more young workers is by updating your company's brand and staying on top of marketing. Since Gen Z is raised on social media, they learn almost everything about companies through their peers. They read news and comments on social to decide whether a company is worth working for.

Invest in upgrading or updating your branding. If you can change your brand to reflect community values and technological pioneering, you can attract the new generation. 


In Short Attract Gen Z with Fewer Beanbags, More Genuine Benefits

Beanbags and snack bars are old ways companies tried to attract younger workers. They tried to change the office into a hang-out spot filled with gadgets people could play with while on the clock. Those strategies don't work anymore.

Instead, Gen Z workers want to establish themselves in their careers. They want financial security, a meaningful role and benefits like health insurance and paid time off to genuinely improve their lives in and out of the office. 

Many will choose a bare office with good benefits over an office with beanbags that offer few benefits. That will cost the company new talent that may lead the industry.

 Gen Z is forcing companies to reckon with how they've done business, and companies that face it bravely will attract new talent.

And to learn how to attract top tech talent, reach out to us here!

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