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UX Designers require many tools to design, wireframe, prototype and handover their designs to developers. Therefore it can become a challenge deciding which tools are best to use. This article outlines some of the most successful tools that you can use in UX.


Zeplin is a fantastic tool for collaboration in design. The tools primary focus is on improving the collaboration between designers and engineers. Designers can add other professionals to view their work, leave their comments and provide their feedback on the designers screens.  The tool creates exportable designs, allowing the developers to access the work quickly and hassle-free. Another great benefit of using Zeplin is that designers are able to quickly export designs from Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.


Sketch is another great tool that is used regularly by designers to create their initial designs efficiently. Sketch Cloud puts a stop to continuous email chains and large attachments, allowing designs to be accessed at all times with a login. This tool provides designers with speed, ease and efficiency, while allowing them to resize images, edit text and images in symbols, along with syncing, sharing and updating symbols across all documents.


Flinto is a great tool that is primarily used for automation. The tool allows for designers to add movement, sound and transitions to design. The really great thing about Flinto is how it collaborates with Sketch. Designers are able to import Sketch files into Flinto and make changes, which will update your existing design. It doesn’t stop there, you are also able to immediately test designs and send them to others using the free iOS viewer or Mac app.


Another similar tool that can be used instead of Flinto is Principle. Although the tools bring very different aspects to design, both essentially allow designers to add animation. Flinto is often used when you are prototyping an entire app as its focus is on quantity. Whereas, Principle is often chosen when you are prototyping a couple of screens, as opposed to the entire app.


Invision is the primary go to tool for designers, being described as the most successful design collaboration tool on the market. The app gives designers the advantage of whiteboard collaboration, prototyping, comments, devise preview, video calling, user testing, version control and design handoff, all in one.


Axure is the industry leader in wireframing and prototyping. Designers are able to create dynamic content, incorporate animation and highly functional click through diagrams. You can easily publish your designs at the click of the button, create flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, user journeys, personas, idea boards and much more!

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is much like Sketch. The app provides designers with everything they need to successfully prototype and design effectively. It allows designers to create designs using artboards, layers, editing symbols and repeating grids, before moving into prototyping. The prototyping mode then allows designers to create transitions, preview design and screencast. Adobe XD are also incorporating a developer handover tool in a future update!


Balsamiq is fairly easy to use, being a rapid wireframing tool. It incorporates the experience of drawing on a whiteboard using a computer. The really great thing about Balsamiq is that you can come up with a design and iterate over this in real-time. Designers can collaborate with other professionals, including clients on the same platform. The tools offers an impressive 187 icons to be used.


UXPin is able to provide designers with the most complete solution to design. The app allows you to design complex and responsive interfaces. UXPin is a very complex tool, with automated documentation, design handoffs and collaboration. is an extremely effective tool used to bring concepts to design. The rool allows designers to test on the devise, bring all designers and developers under one platform, along with allowing them to test the flow, interactions and animations before they are built. The really great thing about is that designs can either be made directly on the platform or imported from another tool. This saves a lot of time! 

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