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Secret Santa is a great way to buy presents for your software development, UX and product teammates this Christmas.

The rules are simple: everyone draws a name at random and becomes that person's secret Santa. The fun continues when they try to guess who bought their gift. Everyone wins, as long as the secret Santa gift ideas aren't the usual rubbish!

Here we offer you six secret Santa ideas to make everyone smile.

Read on to find the perfect present for UX professionals with a keen eye for the spectacular. And for data scientists that want a gift that will make them laugh but won't break your budget.


1. For the product owners, juggling life as a working mum. 

Recognise the success of the working mum product owner in your team with this 'best mum and product owner' notebook

What better way to show recognition of the daily balancing they are doing in and out of work by showing it in the notebook's title. 

At under £10 it easily meets the usual secret Santa budget. Simply fill the first page with a thoughtful note about how much you appreciate their work as a product owner with a Christmas message, and it's bound to raise a smile. 

Plus, who doesn't always need a notebook! 


2. Cool Clear Writing Boards

Whiteboards unleash the UX process flow step by step, but they're getting old in 2021. Why not change things up with a clear writing board?

The see-through acrylic finish adds depth to designs, almost as if they're hovering in mid-air. Your existing dry erasers and wipes will work, but at £55 it might be a joint or upper-end secret Santa option unless you're feeling extremely generous.


3. Tea Programming Mugs

Everyone needs a cuppa and that goes double for a software developer. Make them grin with the tea programming mug.

The simple coding on the side will make sense in seconds:

  • var tea = new Tea();
  • if (tea.empty()) tea.refill();
  • else tea.drink();

Don't worry if you don't get the joke, the programmer will.


4. Pizza Rescue Kit for All-Nighters

The boss calls everyone in the week before Christmas. The client needs an extra feature added and it requires an all-nighter. She has bought three pizzas but they're all plain Margheritas.

Never fear for the pizza rescue kit is here.

Available on Etsy, the NYC Pizza Kit includes a range of spices to make a boring pizza into a perfect treat. Some crushed Aleppo peppers might set your mouth on fire but they're guaranteed to keep you awake.


5. Key Trackers for Scatterbrains

Sometimes the smartest of people (yes even UX, data and product professionals!) forget where they left their keys. Now, they no longer have to take their minds off their algorithms with a tracker attached to their keyrings.

Install the app, pair the tracker, and they'll never forget their keys again. Unless they lose their phones!


6. Guilty Gadet BUZZ nerve game for the stressed-out colleague.

The ultimate gift for the adult-child.
The mini portable buzz machine brings all the fun of the arcade onto the desk. It's perfect for those colleagues that need 5 minutes of escapism using extreme hand and eye coordination to completely take their mind off the project at hand. Beware though - this is addictive!

These office secret Santa ideas offer the ideal way to release some pressure and have fun this Christmas. But the best way to increase productivity while maintaining quality is to hire the right team.

Consortia is a specialist digital recruitment agency in the user, product, and developer markets.

Our deep talent pools will provide you with the perfect UX professional and software developer. We also recruit data scientists and product managers from mid to senior levels

Contact us today to discover how secret Santa ideas for work begin by hiring the right workforce.

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