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Keeping up with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in software engineering is a must for any developer looking to stay ahead in the field. Engineering blogs have always been a great way to do this, but with over 1000 out there, where do you start? To help you streamline your blog reading process, we’ve curated a list of top engineering blogs recommended by industry experts. Some we think you’ll already know and others you won't, but with a strong mix, we think this makes a good starting point.


  1. Netflix TechBlog

Explore how Netflix handles scalability and reliability challenges to deliver seamless streaming experiences globally. [Read Netflix TechBlog]


  1. Uber Engineering

Gain insights into Uber's complex data systems and innovative approaches in urban transportation. [Explore Uber's Engineering Blog]


  1. Cloudflare Blog

Learn about cutting-edge network security and performance optimisations from one of the leaders in internet security. [Visit Cloudflare Blog]


  1. Engineering at Meta

Dive into the infrastructure challenges and solutions of managing billions of real-time user interactions. [Read more from Engineering at Meta]


  1. LinkedIn Engineering

Discover the technology behind managing the world's largest professional network. [Check out LinkedIn Engineering]()


  1. Discord Blog

Find out how Discord ensures fast and reliable communication across its growing user base. [Read Discord's Engineering Insights]


  1. AWS Architecture Blog

Explore architectural best practices for building scalable and efficient applications in the cloud. [Explore AWS Architecture Blog]


  1. Slack Engineering

Uncover the behind-the-scenes of developing and maintaining Slack, a leading communication tool. [Dive into Slack Engineering]


  1. Stripe Blog

Delve into the intricacies of processing payments and managing financial technology. [Visit Stripe Blog]


  1. Pinterest Engineering Blog

Learn about managing large-scale image data and innovative machine learning strategies for content discovery. [Explore Pinterest Engineering]


  1. GitHub Engineering Blog

A go-to resource for developers interested in the best practices for software development and collaboration. [Read GitHub Engineering Blog]()


  1. Shopify Engineering

Get insights on handling the challenges of a leading e-commerce platform. [Read Shopify Engineering Blog]


  1. Whatnot Engineering Blog

Gain a perspective on the technical challenges of building a leading live-stream shopping platform. [Discover Whatnot Engineering]


Conclusion and Practical Tips for Keeping Up-To-Date

These blogs are a fantastic resource for any software developer as they provide a unique glimpse into the innovative solutions of top tech companies worldwide. But staying on top of reading can be challenging, given the demands of a busy schedule. We leave you with some practical tips to ensure you consistently benefit from these blogs!

Use RSS Feeds: Tools like Feedly or Inoreader can help you aggregate and organise updates from these blogs, so you can access them in one place.

Set Up Email Notifications: Most blogs offer a subscription option to receive the latest posts directly in your email inbox. This can make it easier to see new content at a glance and decide what's worth reading.

Leverage Read-it-Later Apps: Apps like Pocket or Instapaper are great for saving articles you find interesting but don't have time to read immediately. These apps also allow offline reading, which is perfect for downtime during commutes or waiting in line.


Feel free to share other blogs you find insightful or let us know if there's any more you’d add.



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