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It is extremely clear that there is no common definition for the term ‘DevOps’ although some will have a crack like this article from The Agile Admin. The truth is, the implementation of DevOps within an organisation can mean very different things to different companies. Therefore, it is vital that before recruiting in this space, a company has a firm explanation of what it means to them. This way they will be able to attract and retain the right type of people that they are searching for.

Candidates have approached me on a number of instances and suggested that the job specification for a role looks too ‘glossy’. They have said it is clear that the company does not have a confirmed idea of what they are looking for in an engineer and why they are looking for a particular skill set. Failure to have a strong concept on paper, has often resulted in candidates not perusing with their application. Additionally, although companies will have a preference to the technology stack they use, they should be open to a breadth of relevant experience with the motivation of candidates to upskill themselves, to ensure they do not miss out on strong talent.

Once the first step is complete and in place, it is then down to having a streamlined interview process and onboarding practice in place. On multiple occasions, organisations have missed out on a great candidate because they did not move fast enough, nor did they have the correct interviewing practices in place.

With the hype around the buzzword, it is obvious that these individuals are in high demand. If a talented engineer is available on Monday, they are likely to have a number of offers by the end of the week. Therefore, a company should be moving as fast as the market. For example, there is no time, nor need for a technical test. A 2 stage interview should lead to an offer to ensure top talent is secured.

It is vital that during the interview, the hiring manager can articulate their definition of DevOps and where they are heading as a company. The vision of the company could be the clincher, the thing that sets them apart, as well as the knowledge of the sector. Without selling effectively and efficiently, they are at risk of not selling themselves effectively. Although the interview is important for finding the right individual for the company, it is also used by candidates to find the right organisation for them compared to competitors. As DevOps is largely about the culture and removing silos within an organisation, this can be seen to be the most effective method of recruiting within the space.  

A good DevOps candidate will not only have the knowledge to succeed, they will want to know about you, and your company to determine if you are the perfect fit. It’s majorly important that you are clued up and know what is going on in their world, just as you’d like them to know what’s going on in yours. That could be the move that sets you apart from the rest. The one that gets you to top 5% of talent. That could be the one that seals the deal. 

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