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The role of UX Researcher is becoming increasingly sought after by top tech companies and agencies. To ensure we are delivering exceptional candidates, we have developed and built out our teams to cover user-research specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to fill the role of UX Researcher entry level or a senior user experience researcher, we can help.  

We nurture our network to find the most suitable candidates for the role. Our goal is to match great companies with high-calibre user experience researchers and service designers; helping to keep the client happy and give the candidate rewarding work.

Over the years, we have established the nuances within the UX Researcher talent pool: The difference between a User Researcher from a psychology background and a UX Designer with research knowledge. We can help benchmark: We can tell you the Senior UX Researcher salary or how your Senior UX Researcher job description should look to ensure you find the right person.

We are here to help with any User Research job, whether you are looking for one yourself, or if you’d like to send us a job brief, we’re happy to take a look.

UX Researcher Recruitment

As User Research recruitment consultants, we work hard to meet the goals of both our clients and our candidates. Demand for our services has risen rapidly in recent years; more companies want the benefit of a dedicated User Research team. The UX Recruitment team can provide insight to better inform their users’ customer journeys and product road map. We offer a UX research plan example or UX research books to help you determine your hiring strategy.

Our niche approach ensures our industry-leading ratios remain accurate. Let us show you how we can meet your business goals by sending a brief across. If you’re looking to place candidates in remote ux research jobs or if you’re a candidate looking for a new UX role, contact us today.

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